Microsoft will equip its announced data center with AMLO in 2020

Two years after he announced the creation of a data center district during the President’s Morning Conference Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorAnd the Microsoft View the first pictures of this center, It is located in the state of Queretarothrough which it plans to enhance its cloud product offerings (I visit), as part of the Innovate for Mexico programme.

Microsoft has not revealed when the data center will operate. It also did not disclose the proportion 1100 million dollars that it announced that it would invest in Mexico It has already been invested. The company said only that the data center will open soon and that they will continue to invest in various programs.

Certainly the data center will start its operations in the near future, Because the company has already announced that it is one of the following data center regions in AmericaTherefore, it will join Brazil, Chile, the United States and Canada as one of the infrastructures through which the company will provide its cloud services.

The new data center area in Microsoft in Mexico It seems to be part of what Pradeep Nair, Vice President of Microsoft Azure, calls: “Our commitment to expand Azure Availability Zones to more regions.” The plan, launched in 2020, includes the development of data center regions that provide cloud solutions to 14 countries, including Mexico.

On February 20, 2020, Microsoft Global CEO, Satya Nadellaannounced through a message broadcast at President Lopez Obrador’s morning conference that the company plans to invest $1.1 billion as part of the Innovate for Mexico plan, which includes building its own data center district.

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This investment It appears to be following the trend in Mexico’s public cloud offeringwhose sales between 2019 and 2021 showed 23.4% annual growth, significantly higher than other digital services, according to information from Select Consultancy.

AMLO electrical repair will not affect costs

Although data centers are among the infrastructures that consume the most electrical energy, Roberto de la Mora, CTO of Microsoft in Mexicohas no concerns about providing the company’s new data area, even in the face of the possibility that electrical repair Proposed by President Lopez Obrador.

According to De la Mora, the Microsoft data center area has nearly 100% energy efficiency and will be powered by Federal Electricity Authority (CFE), which Microsoft worked with to ensure the supply of its cores. The company has also installed clean energy sources that serve in case of emergency or power outages.

Fourth training lab

During the celebration of two years of Mexico’s Innovation Plan, the company announced the creation of a new digital skills training lab, which will be located in Guanajuato and will join laboratories already operating in Chiapas. , Veracruz. and chihuahua.

In addition to these training spaces found in public state universities such as University of Veracruz or the Technological Institute Tuxtla GutierrezMicrosoft provided 4000 certificates I visit Through virtual training programmes.

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