Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.23.2 with bug fixes, and reveals details of the next major release

Microsoft Power Toys

Progress continues with Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10, with the company pushing out version 0.23.2 of the utilities.

While this is – as we had already expected – a release focused on improving stability and fixing bugs, Microsoft has also shed some light on the next major releases of PowerToys. But first, there’s some slightly bad news.

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The WVC mute utility was found to be somewhat problematic due to a “second last error”. Unfortunately, this means that the PowerToys 0.24 release has been delayed by a week.

But there is also good news. PowerToys 0.23.2 fixes a number of issues that bothered users, but Microsoft also has news about the next important build. The company says: “The next major release planned is 0.25 at the end of October 2020.”

As with previous releases, news of the availability of the latest update was shared on Twitter by Microsoft’s Clint Rutkas:

In the release notes for this release, Microsoft shares the following bug fixing features:

  • 6955 – KBM crashes when resetting shortcut
  • 6951 – Fix KBM for Alt + `with Japanese keyboards
  • 6533 – PT Run Placeholder (onedrive) files break Win32 Check
  • 7138 – PT Run Auto suggests that it is not working
  • 7116 – FZ Clone asset data
  • 6967 – FZ forgets VD layout
  • 3536 FZ + Chrome Tab issue

You can learn more about the program and download PowerToys 0.23.2 Here.

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