Amazon Crucible, the free multiplayer shooter that was already rolling back to the closed beta, has canceled

Amazon officially canceled crucible, Free-to-play multiplayer shooter. It’s the end of a rocky journey for the game, which was first launched in May after years of development before being returned to its closed beta in July.

“We greatly appreciate the way our fans have rallied around our efforts, and we loved seeing your responses to the changes we’ve made over the past few months, but ultimately we haven’t seen a healthy and sustainable future ahead. [for] crucible,” The crucible The team said In a blog post.

If you are using the closed beta version, you will still be able to play the game in some form for a short time. According to the blog, the developers will host a “one last play test and community celebration” in the next few weeks. Once done, matchmaking will be disabled, but you’ll be able to play custom games (expected to be available in the coming days) until 3 PM ET on November 9th. The company also says that it will offer a full refund for any purchases that you may have made. If you want a refund, follow the instructions on this site.

crucible The developers will be transferred to other Amazon gaming titles, including new worldComing from Amazon, MMO. This game, which is currently scheduled to release in Spring 2021, faced its own set of challenges, including two postponements. We are still waiting for the release Pac-Man Live Studio, A version of Pac-Man that you can play directly on Twitch. Amazon said in May that the game will be launched in June, but it has not yet been released, and the game’s website only mentioned it.soon. “

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Amazon doesn’t just make games – it also has a cloud gaming service called Luna that launched last month. Users in the United States can request early access now. If you want to understand how Luna stacks up against other cloud gaming offerings, we have a guide for that here.

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