Apple explains why Face ID isn’t available on MacBook Pro

Apple in an interview with the Wall Street Journal TellWhy didn’t they add a touch screen or Face ID to the new MacBook Pro.

Instead, the company is focusing on “indirect input” on the Mac and retaining the touchscreen technology for the iPad. John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware development, said in an interview:

We make the world’s best iPad touchscreen computer. It has been fully optimized for this purpose. And the entire Mac system is optimized for indirect input. We really had no reason to change that.

The use of Touch ID in Macs is also justified, since “your hands are already on the keyboard”, so touching the scanner is not difficult. For the same reason, Face ID is useless now.

Other interesting from the interview:

▪️ Apple works closely with third-party service centers to make sure they have the correct parts
▪️ The company has no plans to add waterproofing materials to the poppy yet
▪️ The “unified memory architecture” is part of the reason for improving performance, so there is now no way to expand the amount of your RAM


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