McDonald’s arrives in the Metaverse area: you can order at home from virtual reality

If you feel hungry during a long virtual reality session in metaverse? Soon you will be able to order in a virtual restaurant in McDonald’s And get hamburgers straight to your home. Have no idea what we’re talking about? because it’s one technology It is still not widespread but this may soon reach all of our homes. Soon, many major brands, from fashion to the food world, are vying for one Relief space In “Metaverse”.

McDonald’s in the metaverse: but what is it?

term “Metaverse” It comes from science fiction and indicates an accessible future Internet It is mediated through particularly immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality or augmented reality. The vision of a “dead” world in the eyes of the American billionaire in particular Mark Zuckerbergthe father of Facebook, who decided last October to rename Facebook to Half. Although at the moment the ‘metaverse’ is still far from existence the currentmany companies like McDonald’s do not want to be left behind in the technology race of tomorrow.

For this reason, this February 4McDonald’s submit to at least the United States Patent and Trademark Office 10 brands in metaverse. Questions about food and drinks virtual In addition to branded entertainment services McDonald’s and McAfee For “concerts” and other fun activities within the digital space.

Is the meeting long and you are hungry? McDonald’s idea is to have both Burgers and virtual drinks for your virtual meeting, but at the same time, offer the possibility to present a file real burger Directly to your home in order to feed not only your home digital projection but yours too real body. All without having to remove your virtual reality device. With the application of registered trademarks so try McDonald’s space truncation In the future of metaverses. And he won’t be the only one. Other big brands like nikeAnd Gucci And Microsoft, To name a few, they will run for the cover to introduce their products as well in the virtual world.

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