Marina Garcia will participate in the European Championships in Switzerland

Lyon Adviser Marina Garcia Castro Qualify for European orientation Which will take place in Switzerland from 13 to 16 May. Athlete Alcon de Lyon Club She won the ticket for the first international tournament held after the outbreak of the epidemic in his tests Spanish Guidance Federation Celebrate between Valencian Community and Castilla-La Mancha On April 10 and 11.

There were three places to hold in the same number of races. Garcia Castro explains that he came to this test without expectations, due to the difficulties he encountered in combining training with his work in MadridComplicated by the epidemic. However, in the first race on Saturday, he finished second, which was an added boost for the rest of the weekend. At the end of the first day of the day, he approached third place and with the third place he achieved in the Sunday race, he got enough points to reach the podium. Although the federation reserves the choice of the third component of the team as a technical decision, the technicians confirmed its position in the national team. A Leonese chancellor’s experience helped her beat other competitors who, according to Garcia herself, were more fit. “Since I had no expectations, I arrived without pressure, and it might have helped improve the situation,” he says.

The Alcon athlete won the continental ticket in the selectivity of the Spanish FederationAlthough the uncertainty this year is greater due to the lack of international competitions as a result of the pandemic, no target has been set for the time being. In the absence of power races, the Nordic national teams and the Swiss, at home, are the favorites. In any case, García Castro knows he will “give his best”.

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One of the factors that can help a Lyonnais coach is the shape of the tournament. All races are urban – there are no mountain races. These types of races are the most physical, but they are also the test in which he has achieved the best results in his sports career. Marina Garcia played all the international competitions that corresponded to her by age during her stage as a junior (from 16 to 21 years old) and as a divorcee she actually participated in Scotland European Championship 2015 and World Cup 2018 Latvia.

In the same year, he won an award Spain Championship. In Switzerland you have the opportunity to compete in singles, quick KO (where participants are excluded) and mixed relay, with two mixed stages per team. However, the four components of the selection that will participate in this test will not be decided until the last moment.

On the other hand, the European selection test points will be counted at the celebration of the World Cup scheduled to be held this summer in Czech Republic, Although she is subject to a health condition. However, Marina Garcia Castro will have to take part in that test again to try to win a new participation in the World Cup. Until then, he explains, he will continue to work with the personal trainer he has been planning to set up since he was in Madrid and will try to make the most of his coaching with his group of advisors from Joaquin BloomIt shares some of its exits. With teamwork and a comeback to the competition, Lyonnais hopes to find her way to new heights in form, but before that, she will have a new opportunity to gauge herself against the best in Europe.

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