NieR Replicant Review Version 1.22474487139 “The NieR Taste I Want You to Taste”

Langerhans A game from famous director Yoko Taro (Yoko Taro) is one of many superhero games with a captivating story. Unique character design and warm background music has been revamped in NieR Replicant Version 1.22474487139. With the game being in the Remastered segment that makes the game look more modern and accessible even though the game has been stalled for a long time

As part of this review, no significant content was disclosed. But it will focus on the feelings gained from the game, things that have been improved from the original, and various observations to make decisions for those interested in this game. (Since the original version of the game was released for 11 years)

NieR Replicant Version 1.22474487139 was officially released on April 21, the same day it was released 11 years ago when NieR was released on PS3 consoles, and it’s a good option to find the Remastered release date.

a story

If you’re already a fan of Yoko Taro, you probably know the kind of story you’ll be faced with, but if you aren’t, you’ll have to prepare. Prepare the liver together. Because this is going to be a game that tells us the indescribable meaning of being human. And it will be a very sad story in Mr. Yuko’s style

The NieR story follows one of Drakengard’s endings, which is arguably linked to my two previous NieR movies. In the NieR saga, the story starts from a world that has already fallen. Due to the arrival of shadow monsters and the outbreak of the black scrabble disease that overturned the civilization of the human world.

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Human beings should return to life more relying on nature. Besides discovering the so-called “magic” that sleeps everywhere, which we must pay attention to our hero who has a sister named “Jonah” is sick with this black cold. Along with the adventure of finding a way to heal her sister

(Personally, in the story, I want to know as little as possible before you taste it for yourself because the content is quite a plot development)


In this sector it is called Total Overhaul of the Combat System, which makes it look like a new game. From the old system, this time, the combat system has been improved to make it more fun to play, especially the flow of attacks. Various animations make the game more modern than ever. It can add more fun

Other than this point, the gameplay remains as detailed as the game. Same old game dynamic, and since the same old game is over 11 years old, we still see loading scenes to frequently change maps. Which at this point is understandable (but at first they secretly expected it to be adapted to look like NieR Automtata)

The game offers gameplay from a different perspective so that we can better understand the context at that time. Like sudden changes in camera angles to match the scene, it’s truly a feature of NieR


Graphics are one of the most notable improvements. Reviewed to look very good, like a game just released 1-2 years ago and doesn’t look out of date. Who is a fan of NieR? This is one of the reasons to come back and savor the game again, with greatly improved graphics.

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Most importantly, some of the characters have been reconfigured to look much better. Especially our hero and Ken, who also has a lot of redesign in addition to this. Like the map itself and superiors.


I tried to play the game on PlayStation 4. The game is quite polished. I rarely run into a performance issue. Even playing this game on an older PS4. The frame rate has some dips when in heavy combat, but it doesn’t drop ugly.


NieR Replicant Version 1.22474487139 It’s a game made for true fan-service friends. It is the perfect game for those who want to try a taste Langerhans Being Mr. Yuko Taro For the first time ever especially if you have played this game before. It’s still worth coming back and trying again. Because the game contains content that was previously cut from the original (no spoilers)

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NieR runs through both the story and a great soundtrack awaits you in NieR Replicant Version 1.22474487139.

NieR Replicant is now version 1.22474487139 officially released on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. It is another game that you really cannot miss.

Thank you Sqaure Enix for giving the game a theatrical experience for this review.

Proofreading: Suchaya Ketsamras

NieR Replicant Review Version 1.22474487139 “The NieR Taste I Want You to Taste”.

a story






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Well-known milestone

Due to the old game the scenes still need to be downloaded frequently.

It should increase the challenge the president faces. Depending on the development of the combat system as well


The NieR series is back and will remain a legend.

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