Marcella: Aldo Grasso’s Netflix TV series review

Type: Drama and crime
Directed by Hans Rosenfeld. Being Anna Friel Ray Panthaki, Jack Dolan, Jimmy Bamber. So Netflix

The classic style of a British detective story with the dark atmosphere of northern Scandinavian Scandinavia. Marcela It is a series available on Netflix with its three seasons It secretly curates the two unifying narrative worlds of European crime; Produced by Hans Rosenfeldt (Associate Producer the bridge), has undergone a similar evolution to many other products of the platform, born in the context of commercial television (British ITV) and then acquired, “modified” and distributed by the giant Netflix.

Marcella Bickland (Anna Friel) is a police inspector, and a former Metropolitan Service Agent in London, who decides to return to work after her husband leaves her, starting with a series of unsolved murders.

In three seasons, Marcella manages to update the narrative development of the heroine, her problems, memory problems (and amnesia that characterizes her), and attempts to rebuild her private and professional life.

Marcella Baekeland is another portrait of an imperfect and tormented detective; Season 3, produced by Netflix, delves into psychological distress An actor’s performance makes up for the repetitive and sometimes exhausting setup scenario.
For those who love female crimes and the “challenging” characters they contemplate.

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