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15. August 2021 – 4:00 hour

This is how vases change the whole room

stay They are great decorative things to give the room a certain something. You can use it to direct the view, enhance empty corners, and add more levels to the room visually. We’ll tell you three rules on how best to organize vases.

Vases are the inner trend

When used correctly, vases can become a decorative feature in any room.

1. Put the vases in the right place

Flower vases are that Interior Design – Trend 2021. There is no limit to the decorative object in terms of shapes and colors. Especially models like this A vase with a DIY abstract look*. Whether it is a fresh bouquet, or dried flowers, or without – When organized properly, the vase becomes a work of art.

In order for the vase to become its own, its placement is critical. Eye-catching large vases look best individually displayed. You can also create an elegant stage with other decorative elements. For example, it corresponds to the coordinated color candle*.

Prove your furnishing talent with the right set of vases. For this it is desirable to combine different heights with each other. Apply wraps for a harmonious look vase top* Behind the smaller.

2. This is how vases attract attention

Decorative objects such as vases are perfect for filling in empty corners and directing the eye of the beholder. When furnishing a room, it is especially important to pay attention to harmony and harmony. Eye-catching vases are perfect for adding a certain something to quieter corners or for balancing other decorations.

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Vases are also useful furnishings to create extra levels in a room. The effect is created when the vases are placed at different heights. One Eye-catching vase*come on one side table* It shows its best features and creates a new level in the room.

3. You should keep this in mind with large vases

Large vases are perfect as an eye-catcher. Flowers can sometimes be dispensed with, as they can do a little on their own. Particularly practical: thanks to their size, these vases can stand on the floor.

Important: Large vases are very noticeable. To maintain the balance of the room, the vase should be freestanding. Otherwise, other decorative objects or furniture will distract her from it.

One tall pot* You can put it next to a high shelf for example. Thanks to the vertical shape, the ensemble is visually harmonious. Also, the lower level of the vase helps connect the tall shelf with the rest of the decor.

Decorate vases with these tips

Vases are the pinnacle of furnishing this year. The decorative object is ideal for diluting the room and connecting different elements of the room.

Using these rules, you can optimally organize vases:

  1. Pay attention to the size. When combining vases with decorative objects, the following applies: the larger the object, the more it should be placed in the back. Vases and small ornaments are located in the front so that they can be clearly seen.
  2. Draw attention with vases: Vases attract attention and attract attention. That’s why it’s perfect for filling empty corners or for visually balancing larger furniture.
  3. Let the big vases stand alone! Big pots don’t need flowers anymore, they are decorative enough as they are. You can also place tall vases directly on the floor to visually add more levels to the room.

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