Machine Pigs for free on the Epic Games Store, Layers of Fear 2 are coming next week

Machine Pigs for free on the Epic Games Store, Layers of Fear 2 are coming next week

By Stephanie Nonelli, Thursday, October 15 2020, 17:18 GMT

The Epic Games Store has two new titles available for free this week.

This week in Epic Games StoreIn addition, you can capture Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and the Kingdom: New Lands mini-strategy game.

Coming next week is Costume Quest 2 alongside Layers of Fear 2.

The Blooper Team Layers of Fear 2 It will be free from October 22nd. In this first-person psychological horror game, the story-driven plot plays a major role in a movie that is set on a ship in the ocean.

Besides exploring the ship, you will not only discover your past, but also why you have chosen this movie by “the enigmatic director”. You will have to find out if everything that happens is part of the movie or if your memories play tricks on you.

Costume Quest 2 It is the sequel to Double Fine Productions’ original Halloween adventure. In an RPG, you play as one of two twin brothers who travel with friends through different in-game environments collecting candy and various outfits.

The goal is to defeat Dr. Orel White, who wants Halloween to go forever. The battle system was improved this time and the plot was based on time travel. Enjoy exploring the environment, completing quests, trick or treating, and fighting monsters.

The free games last week were Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and ABZU.

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