Lucifer on Netflix, latest series shots: Actors Farewell

take photo The devil They come close to the conclusion: Once again A few screenshots and the Netflix series will forever welcome its fans. Despite the pandemic, the comic show Vertigo has managed to continue production, while the second part of the fifth season has yet to be decided upon.

The Participated in the show was Eldi Modrovic Share a screenshot of the heroes Tom Ellis and Lauren Germain shared reading a scene at the Lux Hotel, The famous nightclub that Lucifer runs, revealing that this isn’t just a scene. Rather, it is the latter.

“Watch these two beautiful people practice the final scene at the Lux Hotel”Eldi Modrovic wrote on social media, adding: “I cried and cried.”.

While waiting for the group to be officially closed, the The devil They welcomed their fans. Filming the last scene with Ellis, DB Woodside he wrote: “I can’t stop crying. Thanks for everything, brother. You are a divine talent and a gentleman. I love you.” Tom Ellis replied:I want you too. It was so hard to get over it, but like every scene we’ve done over the years … I loved every minute of it. Thanks for being such a strength and dear friend. You are a real treasure. “

Also Leslie Anne Brandt (Demon Performer Mazikeen) moved fans when she shared a series of pics from her last day on the set. The actress wore her character for the last time: “To say it was sexy would be an understatement.”

Lucifer E. Mayes They have always had a bond of ups and downs, but there is undeniably a strong friendship, as Leslie Ann Brandt revealed in the course of their podcast: There is deep love, deep understanding and deep respect. They are those friends who call each other when they need to admit something. They are those friends who argue, but always make peace. “ This will be more evident in Season 6.

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A few days ago, the co-presenter also announced to the fans that reading of the final episode has only just begun. The sixth and final season of The devil It will consist of only 10 episodes.

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