Kristen Ritter is a wicked witch in Nightbooks, the Netflix movie produced by Sam Raimi

“The horror story deserves as much as it deserves its ending,” the Netflix Twitter account wrote, an announcement for her new movie Nightbooks. Who wants to see Kristen Ritter as the Wicked Witch in a Sam Raimi movie?

L ‘De Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter Interpretation He returns to Netflix with a fictional feature film based on the book of the same name by J.A. White, night books.

Written by Mickey Datry (A meter away from you, La Eurona) and Tobias Iaconis (A meter away from you, La Eurona) and directed by David Yarrovsky (Evil Angel – Brightburn, The Hive), the new movie is coming in September on the streaming platform that also has among Its producers are director Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness Sam Raimi.

Alex (Winslow Fegley) is a creative man with a strong passion for writing horror stories. But when he’s described as weird and rejected for what he loves, he vows not to write anymore. That’s when a wicked witch (Kristen Ritter) catches him in his magical New York apartment and asks the boy to tell her a new story every night if life is dear to him.“is reading The official synopsis of the movie, which also comes with the first trailerTrapped with Lenore, the wicked witch’s cat who watches her every step, Alex meets Jasmine (Lydia Jewett), another young inmate who has learned how to survive the whims of a wicked witch. With Jasmine’s help, Alex must learn to accept what makes him unique, and his love of horror stories, and rewrite his own destiny in order to free himself.“.

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