John Oliver “almost burst into tears” when voting in the US election for the first time

Last week tonight Host John Oliver Tell Stephen Colbert He felt passionate about casting his vote in the 2020 elections. Oliver, who is from the United Kingdom, said this year’s race was his first as a US citizen.

“I gave them my name and got the ballot papers, I didn’t feel like it. When I scanned it into the device and the machine saying that your vote had counted, I almost burst into tears,” he said in Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “This is the truth. My eyes became cloudy and I thought,” I don’t know if I can cry at a polling station. “

As the first guest on Colbert since returning to the studio, Oliver told the host late into the night about performing his civic duty as an American. He told Colbert that he got his passport last December, but had been waiting for a moment to make his nationality “look real”.

It seemed that that emotional moment came about a year later when he submitted his choice for president and more. Oliver, who is known for his mockery of Donald Trump and the conduct of US politics on his show, said voting for the first time gave him a new perspective on the election process.

“Everyone in that room is committed to a long-lasting commitment to the current president,” he said earlier of his experience. You strongly support the idea of ​​America, because the idea is still ideal. That was what was very touching at the ceremony. “

However, despite the newly discovered estimate, Oliver continued to identify flaws in the US election process, such as waiting for “ridiculous” hours just to cast a vote. The two TV people ended their time together joking about the new American character Oliver and more.

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