Jeb Stuart will write a live action series on Netflix

For the video streaming service, the writer also created the spin-off Vikings Valhalla.

Netflix It is based on the real verb master of the live serial adaptation of Doctrine killer. Sarah Jeep StewartThe man behind the success of famous nicknames like crystal trap (The first movie in an epic die hard), fugitive e special supervision, To write TV series based on the popular video game It was made in collaboration with Ubisoft.

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The series was announced last October Doctrine killer It was born as part of an agreement between Netflix and Ubisoft that provided for the development of various content based on the video game franchise, including the animated and anime series. Jason Altman e Daniel Krenik from Ubisoft Film & Television are the executive producers of this particular series. We don’t know many details about the plot yet, but we do know that the series will be a straightforward epic adaptation that will blend different genres.
Doctrine killer It debuted in 2007 to become a real popular phenomenon. Today, with 11 video games released, 15 years later, they have sold 155 million copies worldwide. This isn’t the first time a video game has inspired a direct adaptation (there was a 2016 movie, directed by Justin Kurzel and perform it Michael Fassbender Which, however, didn’t please fans) but it’s the franchise’s first time on television.


Jeb Stewart, who also created the Netflix spin-off Vikings titled Valhalla Currently in development, he is also involved in other projects for the broadcast device. “We’re really excited about him because he’s already part of the Netflix family,” he said. diverse Daniel Krenik, Head of TV Content Development at Ubisoft Film & TV, about Stuart. “He has extensive knowledge when it comes to history, so he is the right person. Because he really understands historical events and we think these details will be a great advantage for Kon Doctrine killer“.

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