Netflix, “Cat People”: la nuova docuserie

On July 7, the first season of Cat People, a Netflix documentary series focused on the bonds between humans and cats, will be released. Also, Season 2 of Dog People will be available on the same day. Let’s get to know the stories these documentaries tell.

cat lovers This is the new documentary series from Netflix for lovers the cats. It will be available on the streaming platform starting from July 7, along with the second season of people dogs.

Let’s see together the stories told by the two documentaries that focused on our animal friends.

Cat people: what it’s all about

cat-people-season-1الThe synopsis of the TV series reads:

“Dogs may have the merit of being humanity’s best friend, but for many people, cats are just as much, our loyal partners, if we ask cats they might not admit it! The series explores our wonderful relationship with cats through the lens of some of the most extraordinary and surprising “cat people” in the world. world, challenging negative stereotypes of what it means to be a cat lover and revealing key truths about what it means to be deeply connected with these mysterious and fiercely independent creatures.”

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The documentary series shows the lives of people from different social backgrounds and from all over the world, who are madly in love with their cats. Trailer shows several stories: who organizes birthday parties for his feline friends, who started a business using their popularity on the web.

Stories are also told of those who rescued feral cats or found refuge in their company from a society that marginalized and discriminated against them.

Dog people: for dog lovers

AAAABbuUgvn2BJg0M8IG7HGGqQtCLLLlhLvkllNdPhaNq9FguX-XKcqC0exuVr-E18hZCcGOQhfE8DxwR-9njWQsjeWBPFFjSOn the same day that the first season of Cat People is released, a file . is released the second season From people dogs, Documentary series for fans dog.

Like the previous season, new episodes explore a variety of relationships that develop between dogs and humans. Stories about Bulldogs being mascots of a baseball team, Rhodesians welcoming astronauts on their return, about a hybrid who was saved by a female soldier and many others.

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