Jaime Pineda, former Secretary of Public Security associated with the operation

San Luis Potosi /

Probation judge linked to the process Jaime Pineda ArtegaAnd Former Secretary of Public Safety From San Luis Potosito commit the alleged crime Abuse in the exercise of public functions.

The judge considered that the arguments of the Public Prosecution Office have sufficient evidence data to order the unofficial preventive detention.

Defense request from the judge house arrestbecause the former official has health problems after being intubated by Covid in January 2021 and is facing sequelae.

Jaime Pineda He must remain detained in the social reintegration center in La Bella, given the refusal of the probation judge to grant him the precautionary measure requested by the accused.

After adjudicating the relevance to the process, the judge set a two-month period for a supplemental investigation.

The former secretary was tasked with transferring resources of at least 4 million pesos from the state’s Public Security Secretariat to pay rent for a property allegedly used personally.

former official He was arrested on February 11 on charges of Elements of the investigative police in the state capital and was transferred to the La Bella Center for Social Reintegration. He will appear before a probation judge once that authority sets a date for the initial hearing, at which the crimes will be charged.

The state government has filed at least 50 complaints with the state attorney general’s office against former government officials from John Manuel Carrerasfor alleged acts of corruption and the alleged diversion of public resources.

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