Clubhouse is now available on Android

Not even a week has passed since then Advertising From Club House How to start a locked beta Android version that specific users have shared and now the app Available on Play Store.

Today, we are excited to announce that Clubhouse for Android will release its beta version right away. We will gradually start with the United States of America today, and other countries will follow in which English is the main language and then the rest of the world. Our plan is to collect information from the community in the coming weeks, fix any issues and add some final touches like payments and club building, before making the app widely available.

The app is available for download from the Play Store in the US, while the rest of the world can express their interest by pre-registering and notifying them. When released from here. The club is hoping to have a fully functional app by ditching the invite style by summer.

Recently, the club Appreciated in value To $ 4 billion. However, other tech giants were quick to cover this unique club with their own proposals. Twitter Spaces and Discord released the Stage Channels, while Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Slack, LinkedIn and Reddit are in various stages of adding similar audio-only features.

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