Ivan Duque opens the door to get Colombians out of Ukraine

In line with the United States that already It asked its citizens to leave UkraineColombian President Open the door to receive the citizens who are there.

Grant an embassy Colombia in France, Evan Duke He said the idea was to identify the people in the area. Snail News what are they There are about 50 Colombians in Kievthe Ukrainian capital.

“My clear instructions to the State Department are that all people with a residence record in Ukraine can be contacted,” Duque said.

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Duki explained to this medium that the citizens of that country can do so “Make sure” that the state gives them the possibility to leave the country.

However, taking into account the geopolitical situation in that region of the world, Duque noted that the operation of Get the Colombians who want to leave Ukraine You may need support from other countries.

He called for good sense, but he showed his position in favor of one of the heroes of the conflict before Rejection of any military incursion or invasion of another country.

He said that the selection comes in light of the tension that has exacerbated on the Russian borders and that Phone break between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin possible Russian attack on Ukraine.

These are the statements Evan DukeFrom Europe:

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