It also happened: Manchester City vs Fulham 2-0 in the Premier League 12/05/2020

17:5120 minutes ago

FT ‘Man City takes the three points

Manchester City move away on the three points here at Etihad Stadium with a 2-0 win.

In a match that could have been more easily by a larger margin, the hosts were the dominant side with Fulham who struggled to attack throughout the match.

Raheem Sterling scored the first goal in the first five minutes of the match before Kevin De Bruyne added a second from the penalty spot before the end of the first half.

This means City will finish fourth in the league, ahead of other matches in the league this week.

17:4822 minutes ago

90 ‘Two minutes added

Just two minutes added to the 90 already played.

17:4030 minutes ago

82 ‘Final substitution for Fulham

Robin Loftus-Cheek is knocked off the field and Tom Cairney comes out in the last ten minutes here at Etihad.

17:3536 minutes ago

76 ‘Cavallero with a hard shot

Ederson is brought into the match and makes an awesome save after an impressive effort from Cavallero

17:2941 minutes ago

71 ‘Fulham is second change

De Cordova-Reid is knocked off the field and Kamara comes to replace him, an offensive option as they look to try to get back into this game.

17:26 an hour ago

67 ‘First substitution in the match

Harrison Reid comes out and Lemina interferes in Fulham’s place in an attempt to return to the match.

17:23 an hour ago

64 ‘Manchester City is looking for a third

The pressure continues on this Fulham side, who despite having more possession and attacking in this half, is constantly under pressure from the hosts.

It seems just a matter of time before they get a third goal.

17:08 an hour ago

49 ‘Town outside the pub!

De Bruyne hit a rebound from the crossbar after a wonderful ball Gabriel Jesus played inside the penalty area.

All of this comes after Fulham started the attack and City went in the second half.

17:03 an hour ago

46 ‘The second half is underway

Fulham took us back to the second half here at Etihad Stadium.

No changes were made to either side.

16:47 hours ago

HT ‘dominant and pioneering city

John Moss blows the whistle at the end of the first half as City lead 2-0.

It was a truly dominant performance with two goals from Sterling and De Bruyne, but in truth, they should have more goals on the scoring sheet after Areola made some great saves.

16:46 hours ago

44 ‘Sterling effort skewed

Raheem Sterling broke through again, slashing a skewed ball into the roof of the net.

City get a corner kick that results in the Fulham takeover.

16:44 hours ago

41 ‘Fulham created an opportunity

A rare attack by Fulham finds Lockman driving into the penalty area, but he is unable to find the man to pass it to him and the angle is too narrow for a shot.

Get out of the goal kick.

332 hours ago

31 ‘Wonderful rescue from Areola

A ball, raised over the summit, fell on Sterling, who tried to place it on the ball in the upper right-hand corner, but Areola saved an amazing save.

16:27 hours ago

25 ‘De Bruyne scores a goal

He shot into the bottom right corner as Areola dived in the wrong direction and made it 2-0 to the home side.

16:26 hours ago

24 ‘A penalty kick for Manchester City

Sterling was tripped inside the penalty area by Anderson after some fine work and a penalty kick was awarded.

16:242 hours ago

21 ‘De Bruyne is down

Red catches a de Bruyne trying to get past the past and the hosts are given a free kick.

It’s from about 35 yards, but played for short, and was crossed into the penalty area before coming out for a throw-in.

16:22 hours ago

20 ‘corner for Manchester City

More constant pressure leads to a corner for the landlords. Mahrez sends him, and he reaches nothing.

16:18 hours ago

15 ‘All Manchester City

It was the home’s first 15 minutes of control, and Fulham had little to no ball as Manchester City build one attack after another.

Kevin De Bruyne appears to be at the center of most of the attacks.

16: 142 hours ago

12 ‘Areola made an impressive save

De Bruyne strikes a powerful shot on goal, veers from it and appears to be walking into the lower right corner but Areola’s superb save sends it into a corner.

16:12 hours ago

10 ‘The cancello widens

Cancelo finds some space open for him, wields a great deal of skill and tries to bend a shot into the top corner with his left foot but sails wide and high.

Since 16:08 hours

7 ‘Fulham corner

Lookman passes the goal, takes a few paces, takes a deviation and wins a corner kick for Fulham.

16: 052 hours ago

4 ‘A goal for Manchester City

Stirling degrees

16: 052 hours ago

3 ‘Sterling is wasting a big opportunity

Raheem Sterling finds himself through goal and pays directly in Areola, on loan from Paris Saint-Germain.

It was six matches without a goal for the Pound, but he started going strong.

16:04 hours ago

2 ‘Fulham, first attack

Fulham makes the first attack after sitting down and calling Manchester City in half before he passes the ball and attacks.

The ball comes out for the goal kick but Fulham works in a 5-2-3 manner which means sitting back.

16:12 hours ago

1 ‘Kick-off is in progress

All players bend the knee against racism before Manchester City start the match.

There are no fans in the stadium today because Manchester is still at Level 3.

16:00 hours ago

Sergio Aguero is still indecent

Sergio Aguero was left out of the team due to injury which means Gabriel Jesus is leading the line today.

Kyle Walker also missed his Premier League debut this season.

15:57 hours ago

Where to watch live TV

If you want to watch this game, you can head over to BT Sport 1 to watch this match.

Launch is just a few minutes away now.

15:52 hours ago

Fulham starts 11

15: 512 hours ago

Manchester City starting at XI

15:50 hours ago

15 minutes until kick-off

Manchester City will be hoping for another victory today to try to continue their career towards the top of the Premier League after an unstable start to the season.

Meanwhile, Fulham are desperate for points to try to avoid relegation after being named favorites this season.

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