iRobot Warns that Roomba’s Automatically Emptying Dock May “Pose a Danger”

Roombas automatically draining iRobot should be a time saver, but at least one model could be a nuisance that the company has warned owners today. The company is contacting those who have one model of robotic vacuum cleaner to alert them that the Clean Base docking station could “pose a risk” in certain situations.

IRobot launched an automatic Clean Base docking station for dirt removal in 2018, along with Roomba i7 +. In addition to recharging the robot vacuum, it contained a much larger bag of debris: When the Roomba machine docked, the robot absorbed all of the collected dust and dirt from the robot to be ready for the next scheduled cleaning. In the process, iRobot said, it could mean that owners can use nearly thirty sweeping cycles without having to handle it themselves.

It proved successful, and iRobot has used the system on subsequent Roomba models, including the more affordable Roomba i3 + that launched earlier this year.

Today, though, the company contacted owners of the original Roomba i7 + Clean Base to notify them of a potential problem. The users’ email says: “We have learned that some Roomba i7 + Clean Base docking stations could malfunction and possibly pose a risk if liquids are collected by the Roomba i7 + robot vacuum and deposited in the Clean Base unit.” “Our vacuum cleaners are only designed to clean dirt and debris from dry floors and carpets and should never be used to capture any liquids.”

The problem only affects the Clean Base docking station itself, iRobot insists, not the robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s also limited to certain Clean Base units specifically for Roomba i7 +, not the other Roomba models.

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Those affected are directed to fill out a service form with their serial number and address; You must have an email regarding this if you registered your new Roomba when setting it up for the first time, or you can visit Support page Directly and fill in the details. If you qualify, apparently, iRobot will send out a replacement power cord. The company says that should take 7 to 10 days for delivery. There are no guidelines as to whether continuing to use the Clean Base docking station is safe or otherwise, although making sure that the robot’s vacuum is clear of water – such as bathrooms and kitchens – seems like a reasonable precaution.

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