Incredible application… the tiger-themed room got a reaction!


ChineseInside Forest Safari Park in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. the hotelIt offers its clients the opportunity to view different wild animals from their rooms.

He was seen walking inside one of the hotel rooms in the pictures that were circulated on social media. Kaplan While drawing attention, it was also noted that there is only one glass between the area where the tiger was found and the sleeping area where the clients are staying.

tiger view room

The “Room Overlooking the Tiger” topic has been viewed more than 100 million times on Weibo, better known as China’s Twitter, while the topic has sparked heated debate regarding both animal rights and safety concerns.

No ban yet

After the issue was put on the agenda, Nantong Municipal units allegedly ordered the order to be terminated in order to ensure customer safety and prevent cruelty to animals. However, various sources announced that the topic has been discussed and the decision to ban has not yet been taken.


Animals have clean air, no room

“These animals have no fresh air, no place to roam, no privacy,” said Simon Marsh, deputy director of UK-based wild animal welfare group Simon Marsh, noting that they should prioritize the individual needs of their animals, not the public.

A year from the entry of the tiger 1 February

Due to the year of the tiger, which will be entered from February 1 according to the traditional calendar of China, there is an increase in the promotion of products bearing tiger symbols and concepts across the country.

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