Incident in the Gulf of Oman: Iran found a military submarine and it believes it is an American submarine – news according to sources

The Iranian Navy spotted a foreign military submarine in the Gulf of Oman during military exercises, and the submarine, which may be American, was removed upon the call-up, MediaFax reported.

The unknown military submarine attempted to approach the area where the Iranian warships were maneuvering in the Gulf of Oman. Iran’s Tasnim news agency quoted the Iranian navy as saying that the submarine was removed as soon as it was located.

Iranian military helicopters photographed and recalled the foreign submarine. According to the Iranian Navy, this is the US military submarine USS Georgia.

The Iranian Navy conducted missile tests in the Gulf of Oman amid tensions with the United States.

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According to, photos released by Iranian authorities show an Ohio-class military submarine, most likely the USS Georgia (SSGN 729).

The submarine USS Georgia was sent on December 21, 2020 to the Persian Gulf, accompanied by other US military ships. The United States has not announced the submarine’s whereabouts at this time.

Relations between the United States and Iran have been strained due to Iran’s nuclear program and ballistic activities. Washington is not satisfied with Iran’s influence in some Middle Eastern countries.

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