Mobile number will change after sankranti; Telecom companies make major changes to the rules Technique

The change made by the telecom companies takes effect from January 15th. If you are going to be calling from a landline to a mobile phone, read this first.

Mumbai, January 14th: Every year we see many rules change in the new year. And this year is no exception. From tomorrow, that is, from January 15, 2021, there will be a slight change to the mobile phone number. This will change the cell phone numbers of all companies across the country. This is the rule regarding calls to mobile landlines across the country.

According to this rule, when calling a mobile phone from a landline, it will be mandatory to put the zero before the number. The Communications Department had accepted TRAI’s proposal in November last year. This allegedly will allow telecom service providers to generate more numbers. Now you have to say your new number in addition to your new number.

Troy made some recommendations to change the way numbers are dialed from a landline to a mobile phone. The Communications Department said in a press release on November 20 last year that the recommendations had been approved. Accordingly, it will be necessary to determine the zero when calling on the mobile phone from the land line.

Now all telecom companies are required to provide zero calling facilities to all landline customers. This feature is currently available for calling outside of your region. Telecom companies have been mandated until January 1 to implement the new system. But now this order will be implemented tomorrow.

All companies will now inform their customers of this new change. The change in the method of communication will allow the telecom carriers to create an additional Rs 254.4 crore for mobile services. This will definitely bring benefits in the future.

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First published:Jan 14, 2021 at 8:04 PM IST

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