In the face of cyber-attacks, the presidency has ordered the strengthening of digital security policies

Through a presidential directive, the Head of State, Ivan Duque, emphasized the importance of safeguarding public digital security policy. All this before The increase in electronic accidents that occurred in recent days. For this reason, and with the aim of protecting national government information, new guidelines have been introduced in 19 points to deal with this phenomenon.

Among the notable guidelines are those related to “employment of cloud services, … with the aim of optimizing the use of public resources and obtaining benefits in terms of Standardization of minimum required technical scope, scalability, infrastructure security, data protection, platform update, redundancy, resiliency, timeliness and availabilitywhich provides entities with the ability to institutional flexibility in a timely manner in the face of the phenomenon of costing.

Likewise, it has been insisted that complaints be promptly instituted when there is any type of action inconsistent with what has been specified,”In the event of digital security incidents, which generate behavior punishable by criminal law, Priority should be given to submitting the relevant complaint to the competent authorities for investigation and within the framework of the procedures established by the judicial police bodies for this purpose.

On the other hand, they shouldCreate and test information backup (backup) policies and procedures that mitigate the risk of information lossfocusing on information systems that support mission-critical operations, bearing in mind that backups are made of data and configurations and are kept offline and adequately support continuity plans associated with the operation of the entity.”

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In the same sense, supervision of the infrastructure used by workers in the home is required to avoid unauthorized actions by the entities that allow some kind of information leakage. In the same way, wireless networks will be monitored,”They should be networks for Internet access and counseling and not so that these internal infrastructures are managed or access to internal missionary services from corporate machines.”

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