Anyone who does not want to be spied on by others should check this feature out immediately and disable it

Technology has now broken through all the walls of traditional communications and made them more powerful, practical and faster.

Nowadays, we prefer to communicate with pictures. Words are reduced to the essentials and attention is focused only on letters that run at the speed of light.

In the modern era, communication is almost no longer possible without a smartphone. Indeed, it would be inappropriate to think about the ability to do without this tool without experiencing any consequences.

Therefore, it is better to intelligently utilize the possibilities that technology offers us every day and focus on the many positive aspects of these smart products.

Obviously, it is also correct and appropriate to assert that intermittent use of electronic devices can be dangerous. Constant and unhealthy use of a smartphone can sometimes negatively affect the lives of youngsters, especially. Therefore, it is better to reach a good compromise between use and abuse.

However, those who own a smartphone will need to make it last as long as possible. In this regard, here are also 3 practical tips that should not be missed.

3 useful information to know

The battery is one of the essential elements to consider when using a smartphone. We all want to make our mobile phone battery last longer. However, not many people know that This is the simplest and most reasonable procedure to make the battery last for a long time and save every mobile phone.

Those who use mobile phone a lot but also PC may have eyesight problems. Here’s what to do to protect yourself from blue lights.

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Finally, here’s a quick explanation of Why not charge your phone at night.

Anyone who does not want to be spied on by others should check this feature out immediately and disable it

We are well aware that the use of mobile phones is not without its risks. The most important one is a breach of privacy. Very little is required to inadvertently provide our personal data to everyone’s mercy. Therefore, those who do not want others to spy on their phones should check this feature out immediately and disable it.

Tonight we will focus on the instant messaging system called “WhatsApp”. There are many users who have chosen this free network communication app. With the advent of WhatsApp Web, it has become possible to access the application directly from the PC, and this is where the danger can be undermined!

WhatsApp Web

To view all chats, just open any browser and type At this point, a QR code will appear that must be scanned using the mobile phone. Next, take a phone with a camera (Android or iPhone) and open the WhatsApp application. Click on the app settings and then on “Use WhatsApp on other devices”. Finally, select QR to start logging in.

The explanation seems difficult, but the process is very simple in practice. It would be enough for a potential attacker to only hold our cell phone in his hands for a few minutes to score.

It is clear, therefore, that initially you need the smartphone to connect, but few know that the client works even when the smartphone and PC are far away or connected to a different WI-FI network. So, even if they stay away, an attacker can easily read our conversations and messages in real time.

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So how do you know if someone is reading our messages from another site and via WhatsApp Web? Simply open WhatsApp and tap on Settings, or on the three-dotted icon (⋮). Open Connected Devices and the app will show where and when anyone else accessed our conversations.

At this point, click on Disconnect Device. For added security, it is also a good idea to check any access to the multi-device beta version of the app. A new feature that allows you to use up to 4 devices without the phone being connected to the Internet. Even in this, all accesses will be cut off.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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