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Kottayam one year after the People’s Liberation Army. 4G has not arrived yet. It has been one year since the implementation of the Self Retirement Plan (VRS) for employees over the age of 50 as part of the BSNL Rehabilitation Package. More than half of the employees leave BSNL. But employees and unions say there have been no fundamental changes to BSNL.

4G has not arrived

One of the main proposals of the revival package was the launch of the BSNL 4G service nationwide. But after a year of VRS implementation, not even basic steps have been taken to bring 4G service. Although the 4G spectrum is allocated, it does not have the technical facilities to make it available.

As part of Atmanirbhar Bharat, BSNL has been directed by the central government to develop technology domestically instead of purchasing equipment from telecom giants such as Wow, ZTE, Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung. With this, 4G service provision will be extended. Unions and MPs contacted the center several times to show that the 4G shortage was seriously affecting BSNL’s mobile services.

Less than half of the salary

BSNL’s salary outlay has been halved. This is due to the sharp decrease in the number of permanent employees

BSNL Personnel Statistics

ജീവന Former VRS Employees – 1,53,203
Staff last February after implementing VRS – 74634
Number of employees in February – 72,000

Statistics in Kerala

ജീവന Former VRS Employees – 9381
ശേഷം Employees in February after applying VRS – 4785
Number of employees during the month of February – 3965

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The decrease in the number of employees has also resulted in a sharp decrease in the amount required to distribute salaries. But employees say Iowa is not benefiting. Problems with salary distribution remain unresolved.

Implemented projects

In addition to VRS, BSNL has also completed its fundraising process by issuing bonds. BSNL raised Rs 8,500 crore through bonds. Funds are being raised for the renewal package and future work of the company. The process of outsourcing services is ongoing. Accordingly, the operation of the customer service centers has been outsourced. Landlines and broadband are now maintained by third parties in many places.

Move forward

It aims to raise around Rs 18,000 crore through a mortgage or sale of existing assets. But little progress has been made in this regard. The goal is to achieve financial stability in BSNL. The BSNL-MTNL merger must also be completed.

There weren’t even fundamental changes: SNEA

Sebastian, National Secretary General of the Sanchar Nigam Executive Association Ltd. (SNEA), said that even basic reforms have not been implemented as part of the BSNL revival package. Introducing 4G service and raising money to pay off loans. Problems including employee salaries remain unresolved. The association filed a complaint with the Minister of Communications and Secretary of Communications and BSNL CMD.

Income through “wire”

BSNL relies heavily on wired connections such as broadband and headline to generate revenue. There was no significant increase in revenue from the mobile sector. There is a slight downside though. With the advent of 4G, revenue from mobile services is expected to increase. Fiber to the Home (FTTH), broadband services are in great demand. BSNL has a monopoly on these services. Additionally, the leased line business, which specializes in large companies and services, provides revenue to the company.

English summary: BSNL 4G is yet to come

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