“Draghi is the best candidate for Italy”

Senator Renzi, was this how you planned the current outcome of the crisis from the start?

Matthias Rob

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta, with headquarters in Rome.

The political crisis set off a good three weeks ago because I wanted to improve the government. The name Draghi was a dream that we all dreamed of, and now that dream has come true. The Italian government will be better now.

He Mario Draghi The best candidate for prime minister?

Yes, Draghi is the best candidate for the job. He is a public servant who is appreciated all over the world. He is a highly competent character.

It is a risk New elections Forbidden now?

Parliamentary elections will not take place until 2023. Until then, we are working to raise money from the “reconstruction fund” I Well used, it fights the epidemic and creates jobs.

Do you consider yourself a dragees kingmaker?

No, the kingmaker in the Italian system is only the president. He deserves to be recognized Sergio Mattarella He led our country through this difficult stage with extraordinary skill. I am glad to see Italy stronger now.

In an interview with FAZ, former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of the small liberal left party Italia Viva refused to be the kingmaker (photo from 2019).

In an interview with FAZ, former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of the small liberal left party Italia Viva refused to be the kingmaker (photo from 2019).

Photo: Reuters

How long will it take Mario Draghi to form a government and how long will it last?

I hope he presents his government soon and I hope it lasts long. Draghi is capable, and everyone in Europe knows it. We are talking about the Italian who saved the euro years ago. Now it will be the European who will save Italy.

Will parliamentarians from the populist left-wing Five Star Movement, the right-wing nationalist Liga and the Brothers of Italy post-fascist party vote in sufficient numbers for Draghi?

I don’t know how the individual parties will vote. I know, however, that Draghi is the most pro-European leader Italy could hope for. That no one else face our national debt problem. I know that the President of the Republic has called on all groups in Parliament to make a special effort. I very much hope that all the political forces that make up the EPP support Draghi with great conviction.

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Will the Draghi government use money from the European Rescue Fund to expand the high-speed train network and build the bridge to Sicily?

It is not my place to write the Draji government program. But I know that our country is now in safe hands. Not only will the necessary reforms be decided upon, but their implementation will also be in line with the challenges we currently face. First, let us let the prime minister form his cabinet. Parliament then gives confidence to the cabinet. Then we’ll work through the many open program elements.

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