Immigrant: A Swiss woman living her childhood dream in Australia

“Sometimes I still think it’s all a dream,” Sandra Furer-Blake says. She is particularly interested in the location of her home in the state of New South Wales in southeastern Australia. It is only 2 km from the sea on foot. “The most beautiful beaches can be reached within five minutes by car.”

Five years ago, the Swiss woman immigrated to the Australian city of Sydney with ten moving boxes and two suitcases. In baggage, a four-year work visa and a marketing position with a distributor of kitchen and household products.

In 2020, about an hour north of Sydney, two kilometers from the beach, she managed to buy a single-family home for about CHF400,000 and has now completely renovated it.

Lots of support from the employer

She was in Australia for the first time when she was 20 years old. She learned English for three months in Sydney and then toured the country with a friend. “I was really excited about Australia at the time and had a dream about emigrating,” she says.

During her stay, she met an Australian with whom she had a long friendship. Six years ago, contact intensified again via Facebook, and Furer returned to Australia for a two-week vacation.

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