I’m indifferent to Ivana, and I’m going to marry Tara after all! Sha cut, surprised everyone by answering EX!

Nenad Alex Cha He admitted that he is not currently in a relationship with Tarom SimovBut to marry her when reconciliation is done.

“Will Tara marry after all the scandals now?” It was the name, and he answered from the cannon:

Nenad Alex Cha
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“Yes! But what if that’s the case. I’m free now.”

I can sit and calm down. I’m kidding, I’m fine now, really, I crashed after leaving the co-op, that’s right, it took me a long time to get together and continue to live a normal life, I’m living that normal life now, not real life. I’ve been under the impression of reality for a long time, here, now I’m not, so I’m fine,” Sha reveals, adding:

“I’m not with Tara, we’re definitely not together. You never know what day brings and what night brings, but not right now. I haven’t even exchanged a message with my ex, we haven’t heard from each other at all, I don’t need to see her “She was alive.”

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Then the rapper touched on his ex-wife Ivana and her relationship with Vladimir Tomovich.

“I don’t care. People don’t understand how indifferent I am. I am indifferent. She has the right to do whatever she wants, everything is a straight line. Let her be happy. At first it all worked out, then we became friends. We talked about her several times. It didn’t work out, I have nothing bad to say about her.”

Vladimir Tomovich, Ivana Aleksic, Nenad Aleksic Sha
Photo: Sonia Spasic, Nemanja Nikolic



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