If new sanctions appear, a complete dismantling of relations with Russia will await you

For the second time in three weeks, the presidents of the United States and Russia discussed the tense situation regarding security arrangements for Ukraine and Europe.

But intense diplomatic efforts, which both sides described as serious and substantive, made no progress.

The Russian and American leaders renewed their positions, and exchanged warnings, but at the same time they confirmed the dates for more intense negotiations on the basis of several organizations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who requested the interview himself, warned White House President Joe Biden of a “total breakdown of relations” in the event of new sanctions being imposed on Russia.

Nimi West threatens Moscow if it really decides to launch a new attack on Ukraine. As did the Russian military in 2014 and 2015.

Even in recent days, Putin has not ruled out military action against Ukraine. On its borders, there are still about one hundred thousand Russian soldiers with the latest technology, who, according to experts, are ready for a large-scale military operation against their neighbors.

ominous signs

“The signs from Russia are ‘evil’,” he said.

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