Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany loses semi-finals to Finland

Riga –

After three years feeling silver at the Olympics, the German national ice hockey team missed their next final but still had a chance to win their first World Cup medal in 68 years. National coach Toni Soderholm’s team lost in the semi-finals in Riga to the ruthlessly effective defending champion Finland 1:2 (0:2, 1:0, 0:0)
And he plays on Sunday (2.15 pm / Sport 1) against the United States for the bronze medal.

  • German ice hockey team loses semi-finals to Finland
  • Germany is waving its first World Cup medal since 1953
  • DEB selection meets USA in third place game

Mannheim’s Matthias Plachta (32) scored the tying goal in the selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB), which last won the precious metal in 1953. Two silver and two bronze medals have been recorded at the World Championships so far. for three-time champions Finland, who will play in the final on Sunday (7.15pm / Sports 1)
Canada was a success, Eero Baccarinin (14) and Hans Björnenen (19) succeeded.

Leo Pföderl: “It’s very bitter. We played a good match. In the end we had enough chances to equalize. We didn’t, that’s why we lost this game. Finland respected us a lot, but they win the world champions for a reason. It’s not over yet, no We can still win the bronze medal.”

Captain Moritz Muller adds: “The disappointment is great, we wanted to become the world champions. We were the better team. I am very sad, but we have to finish it quickly and think about the match for third place. Now we want to get the bronze medal.”

The live tape of the semi-final match between Germany and Finland can be read here again:

That wasn’t enough! Germany lost the semi-final to Finland with a ratio of 1:2. The dream of the final has exploded, but the dream of a medal is still alive. Germany will face the United States in the match for third place on Sunday.


60: 16 seconds before the end there is a penalty kick against Marcus Eisenschmid. A very difficult decision at this important point in time.

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60: Eisenschmid leaves behind the high weight caliber. Is this sexy! Bully in front of the Finnish gate.

59: Empty network in Germany. Niederberger is far from the ice, and Germany is less numerous.

59: The last two minutes of the match is running. Matthias Niederberger has asked Tony Soderholm when he should get off the ice.

55: What an opportunity for Marcel Neubels! Berliner has a great chance of equalizing on the bat, but fails again on the outstanding Olkinuora.

53: When will the last German attack come? Finland is currently making life difficult to choose DEB. There is hardly any way.

50: Germany escaped this shortage despite constant pressure from the Finns.

49: Strong save from Niederberger! The goalkeeper saves his team from 1: 3.

48: Punishment against Korbinian Holzer. Germany plays the next two minutes in a minority. It is the second penalty kick for Germany.

48: A strong stage for the German national team. Choosing DEB restricts Finland to its own third. The second gate is in the air.

46: Finland only hugs the back. Will Germany find another gap?

45: Great chance to tie! Jonas Müller looks completely free against the Finnish box, but Olkinuora keeps falling.

42: Germany is the enemy. Kahun fails after a strong move by the Finnish goalkeeper.

The third the third whistle

6:50 pm: The final third will begin in a few moments. Let’s go Germany! There are still 20 minutes left.

Top scorer Matthias Blachta (Adler Mannheim): “We have to keep playing patiently, and then we will come back. But we must not rush, just play our shoes.”

Germany returned to the World Cup semi-finals. Matthias Blacha scored the goal 1:2. Toni Söderholm’s side now have 20 minutes to create something historic. The dream of the first World Cup medal since 1953 is still alive!

end of the second trimester

38: Niederberger blocked 1:3 against Björnenen, who already scored 2:0.

37: What is happening in the last minutes of the second trimester? Finland seems surprised by the strength of the Germans.

36: Finland is complete again. But Germany is back in the game.

35: Not much was missing when Marcus Eisenschmid graduated.

34: He outnumbered Germany’s next position, after the high stick against Leo Pföderl.

33: Now it’s getting really exciting again. The German team suffered several setbacks in the tournament, but kept coming back. This team does not know how to give up.

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32: There is no better way to play the majority. Plachta gets a shot near the blue line and doesn’t give Olkinuora a chance this time. keep it up!

31: Matthias Blachte brings Germany back into the game with his goal to become 1:2.

goal for germany

31: Germany’s second power game! Axel Rendel sees two minutes. Will the connection work now?

31: Germany is complete again.

30: Kühnhackl blocks a hard shot and then pulls himself off the ice.

30: He outnumbered the number of swimming times in Germany. Finland plays the smarter man on the ice. It will be a long minute.

29: Punishment time for Jonas Muller. Berliner sees two minutes to stumble. Germany outnumbered for the first time.

28: Printing stage from Finland. Germany does not get a disc of a third of it.

25: Over and over again Olkinuora! The Finnish goalkeeper has made a very strong game so far. The imp can hardly bounce up. In the statistics of the shots, Germany leads 11:7.

The winner of the match will face Canada in the final. Maple Leaves prevailed against the United States in the second semi-final.

23: Kim Nousiainen gets a free kick, but Niederberger fixes the disc. There is Paul in German III.

22: Tom Kühnhackl has the first chance in the second trimester. However, the disk just missed the correct function.

Second third whistle

5:55 pm: The two teams are already ready in the catacombs. Continue with the second trimester.

Dominic Kahun (Edmonton Oilers) during the third break: “We are the better team. Finland is good in defense but the goals were unnecessary. We also lost 2-0 against Switzerland, so we still think we can turn things around.”

What a bitter third. Finland only had two real chances to score and is still leading 2-0. The defending champion is incredibly effective. Germany has so far shown a brave performance, but luck is still missing in front of goal.

Third break

19: Is this bitter! Finland’s second chance, second goal. Hannes Björninen appears alone in front of the German box and pushes easily to make it 2-0. Every mistake is punished here.

Finland goal

17: Stefan Lobel has a chance of equalizing. But Olkinuora is there again.

16: Finland is getting better. After a previously undeserved advance, the Scandinavians score the second goal. Hannes Björnenen checks out the Niederberger again.

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14: First chance, first goal for Finland. The defending champion is ruthlessly efficient. Eero Baccarinin defeats the Niederberger, whose disc slips across the sailboat.

Finland goal

14: The first German majority ended. DEB selection cannot develop a real chance of enrolment.

12: Punish Finland! The German team’s first strength game. Kim Nousiainen gets two minutes.

10: A powerful solo effort by Lucas Richelle. Berliner starts in his third and ultimately fails with a low shot by goalkeeper Juhu Olkenora. Germany leads 6-2 after shots on goal.

9: So far, Germany is playing forward quickly and in a straight line. Tobias Rieder got the next good score for his team.

8: Matthias Niederberger has to step in for the first time. But the Berlin goalkeeper has no problems attempting a harmless Finnish shot.

6 .: So far, Germany has determined what is happening in Riga. The DEB team is the most active team and is looking for the way forward. Finland did not appear seriously as a German third in the preliminary stage.

4: Moritz Seider has the first good chance for Germany to shoot. Rebounding lands NHL professional Kahun, who can’t control the disc. The first exclamation point.

3: After the emotional quarter-final match against Switzerland, Germany started the match against the favorites with great self-confidence. But nothing happens in front of the gates.

5.15 m: Let’s go, let’s go Germany!

5.14 pm: It will be a difficult task for the DEB team. Finland is the reigning world champion and third in the world rankings.

5:12 pm: It starts in a few minutes. “There are chapters in the story we are writing,” said Turner Söderholm before the duel with his comrades. “This is the general will.”

5.10 pm: Welcome to the live stream of the Ice Hockey World Cup semi-final match between Germany and Finland.

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