Donald Trump criticized former allies – and blasphemed the Republicans

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Donald Trump talks about the former allies. At the same time, he repeats old lies about the 2020 elections in the United States.

  • It comes with cash Donald Trump Unclear even after his term ends.
  • In a statement, Trump expressed his displeasure with former close associates. Also to him Former favorite of Fox News Trump has some advice.
  • Trump News: All news about the ex-president United States of America It can be found on the topic page.

Washington, DC – Former President of the United States Donald Trump Have issued an opinion about it Karl Rove Leaving, he is a veteran of the Republican Party. Rove was Trump card She was previously criticized in The Wall Street Journal.

Rove, a former consultant to George W. Bush, Spoke in his article Donald Trump’s “silent enthusiasm”. This was at a big conference of conservatives in United States of America Only 68 percent of those surveyed were able to persuade The 2024 elections To compete again in the United States. Rove speculated that the culprit was Trump Do not bring any new content. Who is the definition of “Trumpism” Not facing forwardBut “people love fresh stuff,” says Rove.

Donald Trump is publishing a 700-word statement

The criticism was clear Too much for Trump. He referred to Rove in a 700-word statement as ‘Bloated fool’. The former US president said he didn’t have much for Rove. Instead, it contributed to the fact that the Democrats won the Georgia Senate election. The Republican Party has warned Trump card In front of People Like Karl Rove. Also one Chapter from Fox News Trump demanded. Rove is always active there as an employee.

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Meanwhile, Trump made it “Project Lincoln” Funny. The project was founding the Republicans to oppose re-election Donald Trump to advertise. In his statement, Donald Trump wrote: “Karl will be in much better hands with the disastrous Lincoln project, I have heard they have many vacancies.” Project Lincoln made headlines recently after allegations of sexual harassment against co-founder John Weaver. This is reported by The Independent, among others.

Also Mitch McConnell in sight is Donald Trump

Additionally, it can Donald swollen Also about Mitch McConnell Outside. This had voted against Trump in the second impeachment process. However, McConnell Trump made it for it The Capitol is stormed on January 6 Administrator. The Trump said the Democrats have bought the Georgia electionMcConnell allowed it! And in doing so, he repeated the lie that he was in the elections Georgia She gave fraud. (Marcel Richers)

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