Her Roomies seeks capital to integrate in Spain and grow in the UK

Her room continues with its expansion plan. the the shop Specializing in the rental of housing for women Planning to launch a microfinance campaign at the end of January Through the CrowdCube portal to access the capital needed to continue growing in the Spanish and British markets as well as Make the jump to Southern European countries like Italy, France or Portugal in 2023.

the start He opened his foundational tour last September where I managed to raise 140,000 euros by sharing several Business angels. The goal of the company is that through the campaign crowdfunding It is possible to exceed the €200,000 needed to continue expanding into Spain and the UK and make the leap to other southern European countries in 2023.

On the podium there are rooms in student dormitories, and shared dorms, Coliving Or apartments for rent. In this sense, the startup has just been closed Agreement to merge the units of the company in coloring Barcelona not published.

Her Roomies has also entered into agreements with other companies such as Dovevivo, Greystar, Resa, Collegiate or Starcity, as well as expanding its portfolio with small owner units.

Currently rooms It has 44,000 units display on its web platformMost of them are located in Spain, although shows have also appeared in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

It is precisely in the British country that the company has chosen to enter the student housing and . sectors coloringsectors that you expect to continue growing over the next 12 months.

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In Spain, the platform continues to focus on Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, although it intends to increase its offering in southern cities such as Seville, Malaga or Granada, with a large demand for housing for university students.

Her rooms are already arriving 100,000 unique users on the web spread in a total of 120 countries. The company expects to allocate a portion of the funding obtained through the incorporation round and crowdfunding To promote the various services they provide to users through their digital platform, such as the Room Partners search engine, and center Where you can find offers and discounts from various commercial companies and Concierge, which consists of renting a moving service and/or moving materials.

besides start It has already completed its advisory committee, which is the company’s governing body that, unlike the shareholders’ meeting, has no voting rights on company decisions. Shirin Abu Silouf, CEO and President of Europe, and a member of the Global Investment Committee at BGO Strategic Capital Partners, a multi-manager real estate platform affiliated with BentallGreenOak, will be on the panel. Victoria Bennett, has experience in marketing, branding and community building, including Ariel and Procter & Gamble; John Ohashi, founder and CEO of Rezgo, founded in 2007, which is a SaaS platform to help tour and activity operators make online reservations, and Jay Mitchell, founder and CEO of Flatmate Finders, who has extensive experience managing rental booking websites and apps in Australia .

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