Australian Open 2022: Djokovic wins, Australia loses and its critics

Novak DjokovicIf the Australian government accepted defeat, which is not yet clear, it won. The Serbian showed the judge that he had traveled to Melbourne with the correct documents and after being warned that he would be given a medical exemption to play the first “grand slam” of the season.

The best tennis player on the planet was judged not only by a judge, but by the locker room in the ring, with the vast majority putting themselves on his side, say Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev, John Isner … Even Nick Kyrgios knew it was a human role in him to defend the world number one when the easiest thing would be not to do so given that he is Australian.

In the past six days, a lot of people with little or no interest in tennis have yet made up their minds against Noll because he is an easy target.. Djokovic declared a few days ago in an interview in L’Equipe that he does not like people who seem perfect both on and off the track.

It’s always the same, that’s what you see. This does not like. The controversy here was never a vaccine or a vaccine. The controversy was that Noll was waiting in Marbella Tennis Australia to confirm his ability to defend the Australian Open title. I received this notice last Tuesday, January 4th, and Perhaps his only mistake was announcing it with great fanfare through social networks. For me, this is transparency.

While flying to the other side of the planet from Malaga airport, Australian politicians who let the tennis player in have witnessed the social backlash against an unprotected person crossing the border. This caused the local government to change its mind and this is what Judge Anthony Kelly punished.

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Here it is not judged whether Novak went without a mask at public events in Serbia after he tested positive for the coronavirus on September 16.

The greatness of the last years of the first “major” in the calendar is linked to Djokovic’s figure with nine titles, including the last three, out of a total of 20 greats that appear in the palm of his hand. In the same way that the greatness of Roland Garros parallels the personality of Rafael Nadal and the personality of Wimbledon with Roger Federer.

Djokovic wins and wins tennis because as of next Monday, the battle will resume to see who is the best tennis player in history.. Novak, Rafa and Federer tied for 20 Grand Slams. As Kyrgios said so well, What happened was fuel for the SerbsWhich has had the support of the majority of the sports world, which in the end it deserves.

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