The CW series gives recurring main roles to Vanessa Yao, Annie Q, and JB Tadina

The reboot of the 1970s series of the same name will soon return to the United States with a second season.

cast kung fu sportThe CW series, a modern and feminine ’70s version of the same name with David Corradine, is expanding. Delivery time He says three new actors signed up for three important recurring roles before the second season, expected in March in the United States (in Italy the series is still unpublished). I Vanessa Yao (Chinese actress is highly regarded internationally and star of award-winning film father and hero), Annie Q (Already seen in leftovers and in Alex Strangelove) e GB Tadina (WestworldAnd NCISAnd seal team).

The new kung fu plot

written by Christina M. Kim (Lost) who is also the show maker and who produced prolific among others Greg Berlanti (The same thing behind a successful series like the light e Riverdale), Kung Fu is about Nicky Chen (Olivia Liang), a Chinese-American woman who decided to drop out of college and go to a secluded monastery in China. But when he returns and finds his hometown plagued by crime and corruption, he wants to use martial arts and Shaolin values ​​to protect his community.

The second season of kung fu sport You’ll start over at full speed: Nicky has used her skills to keep Chinatown safe thanks to the help of Henry (Eddie Liu) he loves more than ever. Her family finds out about her “extracurricular activities” and everything seems to be going well…at least until Nico’s cousin Mia (played by Vanessa Yao) arrives.

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Kung Fu: Cast and Roles New Entries

Vanessa Yao will play Mia, Nikki’s mysterious cousin who grew up in solitary confinement with her mother, who passed away years earlier. After escaping from home, Mia will come to her cousin but the family reunion will not be peaceful. Above all, we will have to understand if for Nikki she will prove to be a valuable ally against Russell Tan or if she will just be an opponent to be overcome.

Annie Keough will play Juliette Tan, the intelligent daughter of the great businessman Russell Tan. Educated, precocious and seasoned in business, Juliet offers Russell her constant support, eager to prove her willingness to succeed him at the head of the Tan empire. But as her father’s plans grow darker and she becomes a supernatural, Juliet will have to decide how far she is willing to go to wrest the throne from her father.

JB Tadena will play Sebastian, the talented and charming new chef at Harmony Dumplings. Charming, arrogant, and eager to show Shane what he can do, Sebastian will immediately turn the head of the new single Ryan (John Praseda) … But is the attraction reciprocal?

In addition to Liang and Liu, the series’ regular cast includes what to doAnd Kheng Hua TanJohn Praseda Shannon DangAnd Gavin StenhouseAnd Vanessa KayAnd Tony Chung e Yvonne Chapman.

Photo Cast: PR Machine / JC Chen / Joanna Degeneres via Delivery time

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