And “Hell” indicated that Gasquet lives during his isolation in Australia

In recent days, there have been some cases of tennis players who have tested positive for Covid-19 and One of them is Richard Gasquet. The Frenchman, who was already in Australia to prepare for the start of the season, Tell about how difficult his days of solitude were.

It’s hell in a nutshell. Staying in the bedroom for a week is a headache. I actually had it in March of last year, but in France, before I left for Marbella, it saved me because I was at home. He said the 87th seed in the world, according to the testimonies he gave the team.

And how is it day after day for the French? His imagination in solitude went very far: “Today I arrived in Tourmalet. Yesterday I went to Alpe d’Huez. I have a stationary bike that allows me to escape. I pedal, I spend my day walking. I do some sit-ups, I watch soap operas on the computer, But Don’t forget on TV. Honestly, it’s very hard mentally. It is very very long. I’m going crazy.”

We must remember that Gasquet had to get out of Melbourne ATP 250 to spend his seclusionWhich will certainly affect their preparation for the Australian Open, the first major tournament of the season to be held from January 17-30.

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Even during his stay, Benoit encountered Pierre, who had already finished his seclusion: “I saw him leave today, we were in the same hotel. He was about to leave. We talked behind the door and I said to him: ‘Whenever something happens, here we go.'” It hurts a little to see him go, he left me a video game console behind the door“.

Regarding his preparations for the Australian Open, he commented:I will do what I can. I will use it to get out. It will be on Sunday, a week before the start of the tournament“.

In this way, the Frenchman will arrive with shots slightly lower than many of the other tennis players already competing in the ATP Cup or the ATP 250 in Melbourne or Adelaide.

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