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There is no two without three says one, and it is in a state Netflix thrilling horror documentary series By address I am obligated It translates to the third season that landed on the American podium last May 14. seasonThis is due to the cold reception of subscribers and negative comments from insiders towards the former and the former Latin American version It was by no means taken for granted that it would be built. But the unconvincing results did not seem to discourage the director Jan PavlakiThe book and production decided to prepare and complete the new episodes. In other cases, public dissatisfaction, with the consequent decline in viewpoints, was a sufficient deterrent to persuade the distribution to abandon the ship, but not this time.

In the third semester of franchise I am obligated The format of the format and the method of work remain unchanged

Haunting - Season Three Cinematographe.it

So we are here to deal with a new chapter of Franchise It is composed of six paragraphs (variable lengths ranging from 35 to 21 minutes) placed on North American soil. The formula and mode of action remain unchanged, which is why it is not necessary to go into advantages. In fact, no novelty or fundamental variant has been presented regarding a widely tested and legalized fence. Haunted 3 Therefore, the architecture that Netflix subscribers have known by heart since the inaugural season in 2018 doesn’t change a single iota. Formula We learn about the horrific events, All this is absolutely true, By those directly interested, who in turn tell them to friends and relatives who have always gathered for the occasion in the same living room. Men and women deliver the stick from episode to episode, while recreating the fairy tales that make up on screen the tales and memories, but above all the horrific and horrific events that took them as heroes.

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There is something for all tastes and stomachs with a level of jumping, fear, tension and cruelty that rises and falls according to the episode.

Haunted - Season Three Cinematographe.it

From time to time we witness inexplicable and supernatural phenomena, with local terrain transformed from comforting and hospitable places into sanctuaries to escape traps. Also in this third season, the viewer will be able to learn about different shades of horror through plots that point to different clues. There is something for every taste, with a standard Panic jumpingTension and brutality that rise and fall depending on the episode. In this diverse gallery of horror, the user will have the entire collection at his disposal: demon possessions, haunted houses, vengeance spirits, witches and voodoo rituals, black cats and demonic creatures, exorcism and the spirits of the Antichrist. In short, nothing is missing from the appeal.

There is also a break in yields this time, with three chapters out of six reaching sufficiency.

Haunting - Season Three Cinematographe.it

In the case of the anthological chain, qualitatively homogeneity is rarely found. There is always an imbalance. Haunted 3Like previous seasons, she is no exception. Thus, the final judgment is related to an arithmetic mean, with the most successful rings contrasted with the weakest ones. This time we’re also seeing a payoff, with three quarters out of six reaching pretty much sufficiency. To give some jolt after a decidedly faint start, we think episode two of the title Hunry is stalkedWhere the mother and her children face a series of disturbing events after they move to a house that was inhabited by a mining magnate in the nineteenth century. A shake that doesn’t come much from the classic Ghost story, But from a departure from the program in the now famous horror salon, with the light suddenly disappearing as the hero calls into question the soul of the deceased.

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Haunted – Season 3The third and fourth episodes make some shivers flow in the spine

Haunted - Season Three Cinematographe.it

Then, after the third act in which the ghosts of mediocrity are seen again, we begin again with the fourth and fifth episodes of fine workmanship, with black magic (in The witch is behind On the wall (and pet demonic properties)The demon cat) That causes some shivers in the back of the scenes, before the latter indulges in frequent yawning in the final act, which is undoubtedly the lowest point in this third season.

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