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Pattiato, Bebo Bodo: “No one is like him”

“Franco Patiato was a great artist, complete, a pearl for composing music: his words were poetry and philosophy, his music was very original. Just like Patiato there was only Batiato: nobody writes and sings like him!” So he remembers Bebo Bodo with his compatriot AdnKronos who passed away at the age of 76. “He was always close to Sicily, was very attached to his land and never left it. Before that, he lived in the historic center of Catania, on the beautiful Via Crociferi, a very busy Baroque street. Then, to get a little more calm, he retired to the private villa.” He was in Milo, the highest town in Etna, where he bought a millstone, next to him and then Lucio Dalla also came to live there for long periods. I often went to visit him, and we were very friends, ”said the famous TV host. For Bodo, “In Batiato, the soul appeared at the same time Sicilian, International, European and Arab. The partnership with the philosopher Sgalambro united two exceptional souls. And went one great, representing the authentic, beautiful and cultured face of Sicily.” (Written by Enzo Bonaiuto)

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