Harry Styles cancels shows in Australia and sells “Love on Tour” tickets in Argentina | The former first trend is approaching

At the same time with the British singer Harry Stiles Canceled concerts in Australia s New Zealand60,000 seats are up for sale for his scheduled presentation on December 3, 2022 at the Stadium River Plate.

Artist, former member of the group One-way, and author hits like “watermelon sugar”And “I love you” s “Sign of the Times”Among other things, this year he will give concerts that are part of his tour “Love is on tour”. It is the world tour that is resuming after cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Reasons for cancellation in Australia and New Zealand

This event has been cancelled., with this message sent to their emails, those who had bought tickets to the concerts Styles was to give in Australia and New Zealand ate breakfast. It was originally scheduled for November 2020.

“Given the constant challenges of international travel, Harry Styles’ Love On Tour” It cannot be rescheduled for Australia and New Zealand in 2022 and will be cancelledThe statement added. “Unfortunately, that’s not possible at this time. Soon I will be sharing news of new shows. I love you so much, miss you and can’t wait to see you,” Styles said in a message to his fans.

As mentioned by the singer’s footnote, Uncertainty about coronavirus restrictions and limited capacity in stadiums It was the reasons that led to the suspension of events in the lands of the oceans.

How much are the tickets?

With sites that were From 7500 to 17500 pesos, show tickets to be presented by Styles at Monument Stadium In December 2022 it was sold out within hours of the event being announced.

  • VIP field: $17,500 + service cost.

  • Platea . preferenceFor: $16,500 + service cost.

  • common plateau $13,500 + service cost.

  • Platia Media Savory: $12,000 + service cost.

  • High plateaus: $12,000 + service cost.

  • nation: $10,000 + service cost.

  • Platia Alta Sivori: $7,500 + service fee.

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Although the artist’s visit was to take place in 2020 in Equestrian StadiumThe organizers changed the stage and moved the concert to River Square due to the high demand for tickets.

In this sense, those who have purchased their tickets for this show will be able to attend the new appointment with a new location:

  • Tickets purchased from VIP FIELD It will be located in the area VIP FIELD

  • Tickets purchased from country It will be located in the area country

  • Tickets purchased from Preferential platform a It will be located in the area Prepaid San Martin c s Dr

  • Tickets purchased from prepaid d It will be located in the area BELGRANO C FAVORITE PLATFORM s Dr

  • Tickets purchased from middle platform b It will be located in the area Special Silver San Martin E

  • Tickets purchased from medium plate e It will be located in the area Favorite PLATEA BELGRANO and s F

  • Tickets purchased from payment c It will be located in the area PLATEA PrefERENCIAL SAN MARTIN F s J

  • Tickets purchased from Plata Ph It will be located in the area BELGRANO H PRACTICE PLATFORM e I

On the other hand, those who want a refund will have plenty of time until Wednesday, February 2nd inclusive to upload the refund request.

When Harry Styles arrives in Argentina?

The former One Direction member will start his “Love on Tour” presentations across Europe, as United kingdom The first country to receive his visit on June 11, while his visit to the ancient continent will reach its climax Portugal, on July 31.

His tour of Latin America will begin at the end of November after passing Mexico. On the 27th of that month, he will be playing in Colombia, after two days Peru On December 1, her presentation role will be in Chile.

After being in Santiago, Styles will travel to Argentina, where on December 3 the monument to the city Buenos Aires Filled with fans.

Finally, the British will close his “Love on Tour” in Brazil, with three dates to be held in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.

Review of the top 5 songs from the previous One Direction

Since launch Most listened to artist topic, his fans tried to decode the message he wanted to deliver. “It is about the sweetness of life. He also talks about the female orgasm, but this is not relevant, this is another matter,” the Briton explained about his most successful single belonging to the album. “A fine line”.

This song is also part of “Fine Line” and Styles depicts all the effects a person feels when they are in love. In any case, the singer explained during an interview that it was a tribute to a fish he had.

The Briton composed this song, which belongs to his debut album called “Harry Styles”, to analyze the perspective of a young mother who was told she had five minutes to live. Under this premise, the woman uses that time to leave a message for her son.

Although his followers have associated the lyrics of “Falling,” from “Fine Line,” with feelings of losing a loved one, Styles stressed that this is the period when someone begins to go through a dark phase of their life again.

With this song that opened the album “Fine Line”, the musician tried to reflect the fears that appeared at the stage of falling in love, and at the same time his feelings before the breakup of that relationship.

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