Kamala Harris: Sack 2022? Republicans plotting a counterattack

The political fronts in the United States hardened. After the failed trial of Donald Trump, Republicans are now focusing on Kamala Harris.

Washington, DC – The dismissal of the former US president has barely ended Donald Trump It failed, and it is already preparing the Republican Party In the United States of America To counter attack Democrats Before. The result may be a Dismissal procedures Against the vice president Kamala Harris is being.

Even in the post-Trump era, you’ll feel in the Republican Party It is clearly not very good for the political mud battle. At least that’s what a statement from Lindsay Graham, Republican senator from South Carolina suggests. Soon after the former US president Donald Trump A second now Dismissal procedures Saturday (February 13, 2021) He was acquittedGraham spoke.

After Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial – Next Stop by Kamala Harris?

The US Senator denounced the impeachment measures against “Fox News”. Donald Trump Not just an “insult to the rule of law.” As predicted by this Democrat: at home Opened Isolation Opened Pandora’s Box to All Future Presidents.

Noun: Kamala Harris
Boy: October 20, 1964
Office. Headquarters. center: Vice President of the United States of America
Political party: Democratic Party

Once I open it, I don’t know how Kamala Harris He should not be removed from office all at once republican They have regained the majority, “Graham continued Dismissal procedures A simple majority in the US House of Representatives is required the Republican Party It cannot be available again until 2022 at the earliest.

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Political Culture in the United States: The Unfounded Accusations Against Kamala Harris

In an interview with Fox News, Senator Graham noted that the Republican Party One day for beginners Dismissal procedures Opposite Donald Trump They take revenge on their political opponents: from within. A serious charge against the Vice President Kamala Harris Comfortable he had already raised his sleeve.

So he said republican Senator Harris The bail payment in the summer of 2020 to the “black lives matter” activist who later “unlocked someone’s skull”. The British Internet newspaper “The Independent” verified the authenticity of this statement and came to the conclusion that it was Trick behavior.

Donald Trump’s Dangerous Legacy: False News About Vice President Kamala Harris

In the context of the protests against Blacks were killed by an American police officer George Floyd Will be Kamala Harris At the time, only a link to the Minnesota Freedom Fund campaign was shared on Twitter, according to the Independent. The campaign raised funds to Security deposits For the demonstrators arrested in the context of the protests around The Assassination of Floyd For you to pay.

The money collected was also used to pay bail to “Black Lives Matter” activist, Lionel Thames, who, according to information from the “Independent”, was charged with “third degree assault after suffering a person’s suffering.” Skull fracture Suffered “.

Fake news and possible accountability by Kamala Harris

was right Kamala Harris At this time he is not at all the vice president of the spe in the team Joe Biden His name, and the assault, which Tims had to respond to later in court, was also not related to the “Black Lives Matter” protests. But who, as in the case of Graham, only exists Way more populist If you want to create a mood against political opponents, you don’t have to hold on for long facts And the Links Resist.

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Move Fake news In political discourse United States of AmericaStarted with a chair Donald Trump It has peaked yet, and it doesn’t seem like it ended with the ex-president’s departure. Instead, it is afraid to spread Fake news Over the past four years in particular in the ranks Republicans: Inside It has become an integral part of the political repertoire. (Joel Schmidt)

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