Halle Berry responds coldly to Lesaray McCoy’s claims that she is “bad in bed”

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The “Players Club” actress made the allegations earlier on an episode of “Cocktails with Queens” where committee members were questioning Hitmaka’s bedroom game after he talked about the women he’s sleeping with.

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Lizaray McCoyComments on Halle BerryThe alleged sexual performance did not go unnoticed before. ”John Wake: Chapter 3 – ParabellumActress. After Lisa Ray claimed that Haley was “bad in bed,” Haley decided to laugh at her with a gorgeous cold on Wednesday, November 25.

By attaching a link to an article on this topic,The catwomanA star called Lisa Ray and asked her to ask her boyfriend From the hunt About how wrong her claims were. She wrote on Twitter: “Mrs. @ TheRealLRaye1, ask my vanhunt man, he will tell you everything you need to know.”

Halle Berry clapped again at LisaRaye

Halle Berry clapped again at LisaRaye.

Fans praised Hali for her response. “Let them know Haley !! Lisa Ray is just crazy it was her known role Players club; 20 years ago. It is very vulgar and impolite. This is why she never became a star, ”someone responded to Haley’s tweet. Another fan responded in kind,“ No choice but to stop this and Haley’s reply. ”

Good or bad, Haley knows there are men who will be lining up in the same block, around the block and running the United States like Forrest Gump Just to get an audience with her … “, one user said, adding,” Lisarai out of her pocket for this one. ”

Someone blew Lisa Ray, writing, “I was hoping it was wrongly quoted or something, and then I saw the clip a slightly frowning face, and I was always wondering why we hadn’t seen more of Lisa … pure negative energy and bad vibes.”

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Prior to this, LisaRaye provided clarification regarding her comments on Halle’s sexual performance. “It bothered me because Haley is pretty, I don’t have a problem with Haley, I love Haley, Haley breaks barriers in front of us all, you know what I mean? So that’s absolutely no,” she explained in Wednesday’s episode of “Cocktail with the Queens.”

She went on to say, “But I just heard I remember when.”Monster BallHer love scene, and they were trying to say it, this is how she is in bed, and it was like, “No, it’s a guys movie, what are you talking about?” Then they went out with everyone Wesley Snipes The thing that hit her in the ear, or something like that, as if she wasn’t having a good relationship, and I was like, “Chile, we’ve all broken up with someone we’re not with now.” So, we all try to be with someone, you have to go through a lot of people to get to that person. ”

LisaRaye initially made the allegations on an episode of “Cocktails with Queens” while committee members were questioning. HitamakaThe bedroom game after he talks about the women he’s sleeping with in the latest “Drinkchamps” episode. This prompted the ladies to discuss celebs who might have an amazing bedroom game.

“I can not imagine Tony Braxton Not being able to get rid of the number of love songs this girl got, ” Selena Johnson He said. Co-host Claudia Jordan Then she asked Lizarai to explain her comments, “What do you mean by Halle Berry? Isn’t she supposed to be good in bed?” Lisa Ray replied, “This is what they said. That’s what I read. That’s what I heard. This is what they say.”

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