Netflix Deleting Johnny Depp Movies From US Catalog? Fans are rising

In the United States of America Some users Netflix, In the past few hours, they have felt sad, angry, and disappointed after apparently realizing that they could no longer access Johnny Depp’s movies on the platform.

The anger and bewilderment appeared in multiple tweets from the actor’s fans, who immediately spent their time asking the on-demand broadcast behemoth to immediately return their favorite movies to the catalog.

«The fact that netflix removed all Johnny Depp movies from US Netflix is ​​really disgusting, Especially given the mounds of evidence showing he was abused, not the perpetrator. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp», Tweets user, while someone else writes: «netflix all crazy for taking Johnny Depp away for no reason. You’re helping a perverted woman by showing that he’s okay to disgusting people (…) ”.

Many take sides without half measures in favor of Depp, like the writer: «Johnny Depp is nothing more than a compassionate and loving human being who doesn’t deserve this madness. Hey netflix, you are targeting the wrong person. Amber Heard is the one at fault. Why are you doing this to it? #JusticeForJohnnyDepp (The last hashtag has been around for some time and is still the most popular with the superstar’s supporters.)

Here is a selection of tweets about the topic that are still available on the social network, some of which threaten to unsubscribe.

If many set out to attack Netflix directly, many would turn to the platform wondering why the removal was, imagining the choice stemming from the actor’s poor press, and his image and public reputation increasingly under threat.

Epic interpreter Pirates of the CaribbeanAs you know, his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence Amber Heard, Leading to a bitter legal battle in court with bloody media fallout, and he lost a lawsuit against the British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, which contacted him. “Wife’s beater”.

Netflix has not released any statement on the matter (and there is no official confirmation that the actor’s films will be removed from the catalog), while Depp, as we remember, lost out due to the London High Court ruling last November. Gellert Grindelwald’s role in a franchise Fantastic monstersHe later received the award for Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.

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