Halle Berry, after the success of Bruised, other projects with Netflix

Bruised, also Halle Berry’s directorial debut, is enjoying it on Netflix: The star has signed a long-term contract with the streaming giant.

It is available on Netflix he is photographing bruisingDirection for the first time Halle Berry, who is also the protagonist: the results in terms of views turned out to be so satisfactory that a giant flow She decided to sign the actress for other projects, which she will also be interested in as a producer. Nice relaunch for Haley. But how did the bruises actually go?
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Merged with Halle Berry, the reasons behind the partnership with Netflix

Available in Italy from November 24 on Netflix, Bruises – the struggle to liveDirected and executed by Halle Berry, it turns out that Most watched movies on the platform Last week in the United States, as well as the second most watched English-language film in the world, with views of 47,700,000 hours in the first five days. It can be said that bruises are of this type independent work It represents, perhaps would not have been seen much if distributed in the hall, confirming in part the many voices in the American environment that give Budget movie “Medeo” Best suited for broadcast services. The question is still largely debated, but in the meantime this certainly applies to Halle.
The star has already chosen Netflix, because in the near future he will appear in two films for the platform: science fiction the mother By Matt Sharman (who is a translator and co-executive producer) H Our guy is from Jersey, side by side Mark Wahlberg. These aren’t the projects the new decade is referring to yet, and we don’t know if Haley will continue to try his hand at the camera. However, it now seems very likely that that will happen, given the welcome given to Bruised.

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