Green Pass Eu, the document will be checked by individual activity managers

The new Dpcm draft on the green lane is out. If approved, it will also trigger news about who will be responsible for verifying the certificate.

From July 1, it will be officially possible to use a file green pass u. Meanwhile, the first draft of Dpcm related to its use in Italy was released. The latter mentions some of the aspects already known regarding the document, including its properties and how to obtain it.

Moreover, it presents a great novelty. Novelty subject matter controls and penalties.

Green Corridor: How will the checks be conducted

The latter appears to be different from what some have thought over the past few weeks. Actually, Massimiliano Fedriga, the head of the state territories and governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, was on the idea that the same authorities should have taken care of green lane verification activities. This had to happen.”randomly”, similar to other documents, such as driver’s licenses or insurance.

Instead, as written in the new DPCM draft, the responsibility for controls will bePersonnel charged with monitoring entertainment services and displaying activities in places open to the public or in public institutions, owners of residence facilities and public facilities for access to which require possession of the green certificate as well as their representatives, and the rightful owner or holder of the premises or premises in which events and activities are held in order to participate requiring possession of the pass Green as well as their delegates and managers of structures providing health and social assistance, health and social services access that requires, as visitors, possession of a green certificate (as well as their delegates)“.

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Therefore, it seems that the new decree aims to authorize checks as well Restaurants and different activity managers. According to the draft, the scans will be done using an additional application owned by the console. The latter will assess an individual’s eligibility by reading the Qr code of their green pass. In addition, an identity document with the green pass must also be presented.

Green Passage: How and where to get it

The Green Pass can be obtained by demonstrating that one of these three requirements is met. The first is that he has received two injections of the vaccine in the past nine months. The second is contracting Covid-19, and then fully recovering, in the past six months. Finally, the certificate can be issued after a negative swab has been taken up to two days in advance.

The Green Pass owner will be able to print his certificate independently, by connecting to the appropriate web page. This can also be done using Electronic health recordAnd the Immunology and IO . applications e Ts system (health card system).

The DGC (Digital Green Certification) platform It will handle the issue and validation of the Green Pass QR code. IT company suji It has since been commissioned Ministry of Health, Digital Transformation and Economy to develop this platform.

Green Pass: What is it?

The green card holder will get it digitally and on paper. The application it is running can be activated using تنشيط immune app. In addition, any help and clarifications will be provided by a specific person call center.

The document will also include a QR code, which will be valid in every EU country. Thanks to this, you will no longer have to self-quarantine when moving within the European Union.

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However, the Draft The new Dpcm has yet to be verified. In fact, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the President of Consigno Mario Draghi. This will take place at the end of the G7 in Cornwall (UK) in which the Italian Prime Minister is currently participating. Therefore, this means that there may be other changes in some aspects related to the Green Pass in Italy.

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