Google brings many new features to Android Auto, Android TV, and Gmail

Google Offers some interesting news related to Gmail H Android Auto, And works on other improvements for Android TV Which is more and more like Google TV. Here’s everything you need to know in detail.

Routines return to Android Auto

Users Android Auto They can rejoice at the return of routine Google AssistantWhich has been in hiding for quite some time for various reasons. With the Android Auto app update 6.1, even if in some cases the activation seems to be on the server side, the routine procedures are back, and so can also be done on board cars.

The process is the same as it would be performed on any device with the Google Assistant on board, and it allows you to interact with smart devices at home even remotely and automate repetitive operations while driving.

Also news for messaging apps is becoming more and more present on small car screens. after me First watch The number of visible icons on the screen is increasing, and this is clearly related to the applications installed on your smartphone.

So we find WhatsApp, Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Microsoft Teams, as the image above shows, but the supported apps are likely much more than that. Icons allow you to view current conversations or activate new conversations using voice commands, as there is no on-screen keyboard, as well as the ability to access contacts for each individual application.

However, for the time being, the messaging app news is limited to English, but it will likely be available soon for other languages.

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Gmail searches show aliases

An important improvement also for Gmail Who acquires a new skill related to the search bar. With the new update, which is currently reserved for Google Workspace users, aliases associated with emails will also be displayed when searching for a specific address.

The results are searched in the Sender, Recipient, Cc and Bcc fields, as well as in the message body, to make it easier to find the desired conversations, even if you only remember one of the aliases your contacts use.

“Non-workspace” users will likely be able to enjoy this very soon, when the rollout ends for those currently affected.

Android TV is more and more similar to Google TV

Google has released an update to version 3.0 of the Android TV Home launcher for devices with this operating system. Although there is currently no news from a design point of view, analysis of the code reveals the upcoming novelties.

Confirmation when expected A few days ago, The new Home Page will have three tabs: Home, Discovery, and Applications. The first will allow you to fix your favorite apps at the top, and choose which one can display their suggestions. The second one uses data associated with your Google account, especially with activities on the web and in apps, to display recommended content by searching for it in the streaming services you subscribe to. The Applications tab allows you to quickly access the Play Store and the applications installed on your Android TV.

The introduction of the new design will be accompanied by a short tutorial presenting news and improvements, focusing on the Discover Card that will become of primary interest to the platform. Updating the application, as reported, does not automatically bring in the new design, but it makes this possible at any time through server-side intervention, at least in the countries that will be affected by the application (USA, Australia, Canada, France and Germany).

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