Goals and Highlights: Tigress 1-3 Cruz Azul in Liga MX 2020 | 11/26/2020

9:56 PM two hours ago

93 ‘

The meeting is over, Cruz Azul gives a great match and returns home with an advantage.

9:52 PM 2 hours ago

89 ‘

Finish by Juan Escobar who goes so far over the Guzmán Arc.

9:47 PM two hours ago

84 ‘

Another change for visitors. Ignacio Rivero replaces Ignacio Rivero, Elias Hernandez.

9:46 PM two hours ago

83 ‘

Misa’s shot goes up inside the area, but the ball goes directly into Corona’s hands.

9:45 pm two hours ago

82 ‘

nothing! The referee indicates that there is nothing in the play.

9:45 pm two hours ago

82 ‘

VAR! The whistle will verify a potential hand of “Chaka” Rodriguez in your area.

9:43 pm two hours ago

80 ‘

Cruz Azul looking for the third! Excellent move Rodriguez almost put the ball in his door.

9:41 PM two hours ago

78 ‘

Change Azul Cruz. Enter Yoshimar Yotun from Orberlin Pineda.

9:40 pm two hours ago

77 ‘

Photo by Luis Quinones that Corona guarantees it without problems

9:36 PM two hours ago

73 ‘

Change visitors. Enter “Shaggy” Martinez by Roberto Alvarado

9:34 PM two hours ago

70 ‘

The goal of the blue sky! After a superb pass from Orbelin, Luis Romo got the ball into the area, turned around and set to score the third goal.

9:26 pm two hours ago


Double change of tigers. Jesus Duñas and Nico Lopez enter via Diego Reyes and Luis Quinones.

9:24 pm two hours ago

60 ‘

unbelievable! Corona comes out and pays Bizarro and the ball hits the crossbar, then Romo advances in front of it and pulls another counterweight

9:19 pm two hours ago

56 ‘

Luis Romo! Aquino entered dangerously, but the defender continues to play well and avoids placing the ball in the middle.

9:18 PM two hours ago

53 ‘

Goal, goal, goal by Cruz Azul! Jonathan Rodriguez gets to know him superbly inside the area and with Nahuel outside the small area, he scores the goal with an advantage.

9:14 PM 3 hours ago

51 ‘

Tigers center, but Escobar is attentive to crosses and no locals made contact with the ball.

9:09 PM 3 hours ago

46 ‘

Tigress goal! Surprise the cats and Guido Pizarro ends with his head.

9:08 PM 3 hours ago

45 ‘

Start the plug-in in Nuevo Leon.

8:51 PM 3 hours ago

45 ‘

After completing the first part, Cruz Azul wins the bare minimum.

8:50 PM 3 hours ago

42 ‘

Playing dangerous inside the area, Gignac tries to touch the ball in front of the goal, but the vigilant defense gets in the way and prevents the shot from following its course.

3 hours ago

37 ‘

A good tackle from Dominguez prevents Gignac from contacting the ball within the Corona area

8:32 PM 3 hours ago

27 ‘

VAR! The match is stopped and Orbelin’s movement is checked, but the whistle indicates nothing

3 hours ago

26 ‘

What a play! Orbelin was only entering the area, but ran into Nahuel and fell, and the whistle indicates the player has thrown and is following the movement.

3 hours ago

20 ‘

What a play! Good move by Jonathan Rodriguez who manages to get Guzman out of the net, but Salcedo gets in the way and prevents the former from falling.

8:21 PM 3 hours ago

16 ‘

Cruz Azul has been saved! After Corona saves the ball, the ball rebounds from Aldret and the keeper keeps the ball, preventing the defender from scoring an own goal.

3 hours ago

12 ‘

Julián Quiñones leads the area and strikes, but a vigilant “kata” Dominguez deflects the ball

8:16 PM 3 hours ago

11 ‘

A free shot charges Gignac, but the ball deflected and lost a clear shot.

8:12 PM 4 hours ago

6 ‘

Youve! The first cats arrive by Luis Quinones, but the ball eventually bounces off the defenders and Corona gets the ball.

8:04 PM 4 hours ago

0 ‘

The meeting begins at the university’s stadium.

8:03 PM 4 hours ago

minute of silence!

Before the match, the two teams observed a minute of silence to mourn Diego Armando Maradona.

7:56 PM 4 hours ago

Honor those who have honor!

4 hours ago 7:36 PM

Everything is sterile!

7:21 pm 4 hours ago

Heavy artillery has arrived!

7:09 PM 5 hours ago

Cruz Azul is here!

7:08 PM 5 hours ago

everything is ready!

7:05 PM 5 hours ago

Stay here with us!

7:00 pm 5 hours ago

How to Watch Tigres vs Cruz Azul Live TV and Stream

6:55 PM 5 hours ago

Cruz Azul: the last line-up

J Corona, J. Domínguez, L. Romo, A. Aldrete, P. Aguilar, J. Escobar; R. Baca, R. Alvarado, O. Pineda; J. Rodríguez, S. Giménez.

6:50 PM 5 hours ago

Tigress: the last lineup

N. Guzmán Salcedo, Dr. Reyes, F. Meza; R. De Souza, c. Pizarro, L. Rodriguez, J. Doinas; A. Gignac, L. Quiñones, J. Quiñones.

6:45 p.m. 5 hours ago

No Maquena wants to go ahead!

6:40 PM 5 hours ago

Get a head start!

6:35 PM 5 hours ago

Starting time

The Tigres and Cruz Azul match will be played at Universitario Stadium in San Nicolas de los Garza, Novo. Lyon. The start of the match has been set at 8 PM ET.

6:30 p.m. 5 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s live coverage of the Liguilla Liga MX 2020 match: Tigres vs Cruz Azul!

My name is Alan Nunez and I will be your host for this game. We’ll provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates and news as they happen right here on VAVEL.

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