Broccoli Cut, unveiled as a popular singer


In the new episode titled Turkey Day, the three remaining singers in Group C, broccoli, jellyfish and mushrooms compete for the final two places in the Super Six.

Ice Showbiz – “The Mystery SingerHe returned with a new episode on a new night this week only. In honor of Thanksgiving, the show aired the Turkish-style episode on Thursday 26 November with one of the speakers, Ken JeongTake the topic literally by wearing a turkey hat. Join ken, Jenny McCarthyAnd the Nicole Scherzinger And the Robin Thicke At the committee members table the guest judge was returning Jay Pharaoh.

The episode began with a group show of Jackson 5“I want you back.” The jellyfish provided some clues, sparked the “Oscar moment,” the broccoli showed off some “toes and knees” and the fungus claimed links to “Washington.” Meanwhile, information packs were delivered by the contestants’ loved ones who shared additional information about the celebrities under the mask.

Jellyfish began the solo performance, and he sings Dua Lipa“Don’t start now” on a set full of neon colors. The jellyfish singer described the jellyfish as a “rebel” of the “book family,” but she is also a big accomplishment. Judges’ guesses included Charli XCXAnd the Kylie Jenner And the Michaela Maroni.

Mushroom was followed by a translation Katy PerryUnconditional. Mushroom’s secret confidant revealed that the contestant was the class president in high school with a GPA of over 4.0. The evidence pack also mentioned that “the name I’m using right now wasn’t my name when it first came out.” The judges guessed that the fungus could be Tay DiggsAnd the Jaden Smith or weekend.

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Last but not least, Broccoli packed ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’ Bob Sager. Clues included a Jason mask, five beetles, a moose, a dice, and a “frontman.” The leading ladies of Broccoli described him as “the greatest showman”, “larger than life” with “showbiz stories” [that] They are legendary. “The judges thought broccoli could be Paul AnkaAnd the Al Roker And the Ringo Starr, England drummer.

Host Nick Cannon Then it was announced that the jellyfish was going straight to the Super Six, which means mushrooms and broccoli will face off on Smackdown. For their last chance at securing a spot in the Super Six, Broccoli sang AlabamaThe song “Take Me Down” and Mushroom changed her voice again while singing Donnie HathawayThe classic “A Song for You”.

Ultimately, the judges chose to send the mushrooms to the Super Six and cut the broccoli. Before broccoli was revealed, the judges made their final guesses. Robin, who guessed Bob Newhart On a first impression, he changed his guess to Paul Anka, while the other rulers said broccoli might be. Wayne NewtonAnd the Neil SedakaAnd the Paul SimonRingo Star and Al Roker. Robin was right when the ousted contestant was revealed as Canadian singer Paul Anka.

Then the legendary singer shared his experience joining the Singing Contest series. “I feel very humbled that we went through something in our country and to have this kind of fun and enjoy this way, you should all be very proud,” he said.

Jellyfish and Mushroom will join Crocodile, Popcorn, Seahorse and Sun in Super Six next week.

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