Mr. Olympia: “Mental Problem” – Simon Biles’ Retreat Mystery

IThat night, Simon Biles from Tokyo sent a signal to the world. The gymnastics star posted a white heart on Twitter. Then nothing. There are no words, no explanation. There is a flurry of encouragement and words of encouragement under this post.

Previously, he canceled the final gymnast on the all-around team at the Olympics after the first machine. The 24-year-old had previously received an unusually low rating of 13.766 points for her jump. At first, the signs indicated an injury, but the cause was apparently psychological problems. “I need to focus on my mental health. We have to protect body and mind,” Beals said.

After the first competition, Biles and the US team doctor left the hall, returning shortly after with a bandage on her right leg. On the second machine, the uneven bars, Biles was replaced by Jordan Chiles, who was included as a replacement in the starting list. A truly exceptional gymnast should be competing on all four machines.

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Already in the playoffs last Sunday, Biles couldn’t meet the expectations placed in him. However, despite several fatal errors, the best four-way fight was between the floor, the balance beam, the jump, and the uneven bars. On Monday, she complained about the enormous pressure on Instagram. Apparently, it was too much for her in the final as well.

After the awards ceremony, Biles announced that he was unhurt, but left the start in the all-around final on Thursday’s Open. This will be decided later, the 24-year-old said. “Tomorrow we have something like a short break from training, it’s good to have a rest day for your head. I’m not injured,” she said. She also indicated emotional problems. She said she no longer trusts herself as I did, and doesn’t know if it’s her age, but she becomes I’m more nervous when I do gymnastics.”I also feel like I don’t have that much fun anymore,” she explained.

According to NBC, Bills’ coach confirmed that his student was unharmed. Indeed, her withdrawal from the final is the result of a “mental problem”.

Damn, sometimes it’s hard.

Prior to the contest, Biles wrote, “It wasn’t an easy day or my best, but I made it through. I really feel like I’m carrying the burden of the world on my shoulders now. I know I just shrug it off and make it look like the stress isn’t affecting me, but damn, it’s hard sometimes. .”

Her teammates couldn’t defend their title without her. Instead, gymnasts from Russia became Olympic champions again for the first time in 29 years with a score of 169,528 points. The United States came in second with 166.096 points, while Great Britain came in third with 164.096 points.

More important than the lost gold is the question of what the end of America’s biggest Olympic star will mean for the individual events. A statement from USA Gymnastics only said: “Simon Biles has withdrawn from the team final due to a medical issue. He is being examined to clarify medical approval for future competitions.” Biles himself has stated that he wants to start in the singles finals.

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The exceptional gymnast won four gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Since then she has been the undisputed star of the scene. Prior to Tokyo, Biles appeared on the covers of Health Magazine and Wall Street Journal. Texans are also not afraid to show themselves in eye-catching outfits.

“Simone is not a standard for us”

Biles only returned to the gymnastics stage at the end of May after a 587-day break in competition – and with a jump no woman had shown before. The 24-year-old was the first to stand Yurchenko with a double back somersault. “I think Simone is not a benchmark for us. What she’s doing is somehow inhuman too, in my opinion. Anyway, she’s very respectful,” said German Pauline Schaefer, the 2017 world champion on the balance beam.

The American gymnast is only 1.42 meters tall, but everyone is looking at her. “An outstanding gymnast, above all else, has made the sport more prominent. She is just a star in our sport,” said Schaffer’s teammate, Elizabeth Seitz.

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