Glass window bridge and Eleuthera exhibits in the Bahamas

Eleuthera, Bahamas (CNN) – Friendly and expressionless, the Bahamas island of Eleuthera offers gloomy, dreamy, white from fingers in the sand, drinking under your arm.

Sharp Island – with a name taken from the Greek word for freedom – is also bravely good looking.

High cliffs stretched along the east coast of the Atlantic. To the west of the clear water waters stretch sweet beaches and a low rocky shore.

Average beneficial temperatures range from the low 70s F in winter to the low 80s F in summer.

And the main highway stretches the length of Eleuthera, which stretches 110 miles, but is only the largest two kilometers in its widest place.

Stunning natural features are found up and down the island, and some of the most beautiful sights are located in its narrowest and southernmost points.

Contrast study

A bridge with a glass window stretches across the land that separates the deep blue Atlantic from Eleuthera.

Deborah Brunswick and Craig Waxman / CNN

Located in the darkest part of Eleuthera, the glass-window bridge spans only 30 corners of the country separating the dark, winding waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the smooth turquoise shallows of Bila Eleuthera.

The contrast is arrest, especially from the air. With sturdy shoes, you can climb the rugged karst hill above the bridge for a wider view up and down the slender island and across both waters.

Strong storms have long ago washed away the arch of natural stone that once stood on the site of today’s concrete bridge. But the American artist Winslow Homer managed to capture the bow in his painting around 1885 “Glass window.”

Storms and altitudes can lead to bridge closures and dangerous situations, so it is best to avoid the area when conditions are bad.

Absorption of nature

The Queen’s Bath is a series of natural pools carved into the rock on the Atlantic coast.

The Queen’s Bath is a series of natural pools carved into the rock on the Atlantic coast.

Marnie Hunter / CNN

About half a mile south of the bridge with the glass window, there is another stunning man worth visiting.

The Queen’s Bath is a series of natural pools carved into the rock by centuries-old fir surfing on the wild Atlantic side of Eleuthera.

Surf pours into the pools for a refreshing dip when the outside temperatures are warm but not hot. When it gets hot, the pools heat up to a bath-like temperature.

It is best to visit when the tide is quite low, and when the surf is rough, everything is skipped. The stone surfaces of the “bathtub” are quite sharp, and water shoes or sneakers are a must.

The bridge and beaches are about a 15-minute drive from North Eleuthera Airport, which welcomes direct flights from Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale and Miami during regular trips.

Castaway insulation while it lasts

The island, which boasts more than its share of beautiful beaches, offers sand with more challenges that can be reached.

About two hours south of the bridge with glass windows, in the southernmost part of Eleuthera, Sighthouse Beach has island isolation with the most enviable screen savers.

Jeep or SUV it is best for sailing on a rocky, unpaved road.

Payment? Miles of powdery pink sand on the Atlantic side of the island. The old lighthouse sits on a limestone towering over the ocean, and the brilliant snorkeling and beautiful views over the Crescent Addition add to the enchanting distance of the place.

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