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Naples – Between the colorful Procida of the 1990s and the capital of Naples today, the nostalgic vibe of Troisi films and the bittersweet classic Italian comedy, said of the ’56k generation’, has witnessed the internet revolution and will never forget the modem squawk. They are the protagonists of the new Italian Netflix series available from July 1, which is produced by Cattleya, part of ITV Studios, and created in collaboration with The Jackal, a group and artistic video production company with millions of views.

Eight episodes, in a constant flashback between childhood and life today, the series is based on an original idea by Francesco Ebasta who wrote it (directed the first four episodes, the last signed by Alessio Maria Federici) with Costanza Durante, Laura Grimaldi and Davide Orsini (also lead writer). But in love is it really a matter of connection? They ask Daniel and Matilda, played by Angelo Spagnoletti and Cristina Capelli (as children Alfredo Sironi and Azura Iaconi) who met at a very young age, in 1998, to fall in love as adults. Two of The Jackal’s members are historical friends: Gianluca Fru-Luca, programmer philosopher, Fabio Balsamo-Sandro, group leader and little cheek (when they were children they were Gennaro Filippone and Egidio Mercurio). Also in the cast are Biagio Forestieri, Claudia Trinchisi (who is Ines, the most beautiful middle school girl), Federica Perrone, Sebastiano Kniger, Sveva Simeone, Biancamaria D’Amato.

“It’s a love story that comes from a novel that never ends – as Francesco Ebbasta explains -. The romantic pursuit of Daniel and Matilda is about a choral story, with modern characters putting contemporary questions and reflections on the table. The feeling, despite the fact that we’re talking about dating apps, is that Breathe in some old comedy atmosphere.” Procida Capital of Culture 2022, thanks to the tutelage of Troisi and the legendary Postino venues (among the inspiration of the masterpiece also music by Michele Braga with reference to Bacalov), was chosen for being ROMA – a small community, remained like the 90s, but in the same Time is a stone’s throw from the city. Which would be less postcards and more European cities. “We’ll give a real picture of it,” the author explains during the show with the cast in full force on the balcony overlooking the bay. There’s a lot of music in the story: with the inevitable 883 song Also from the fifties and sixties and italian karaoke songs.

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Cattleya has a new Netflix series after Suburra and Summertime. “The filming in Naples and Procida, as well as in Rome, in times of Covid, a great effort has been made but we have been rewarded, and the contribution that Campania has made to the series is a contribution of magic that cannot be replicated anywhere else”, asserts Francesca Longardi, Cattleya Producer. For The Jackal, from Neapolitan YouTube to commercials for big brands, from Sanremo to Europeans, passing through cinemas and biographies, it presents a new challenge to number one in broadcasting.

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